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MRX Construction CO providing quality customer service

Best Roofing Partner Since 2001

MRX Company is in business since 2001 working as best Roof Repair Company. We welcome you to the most reliable and trustworthy service in town. We have made an extensive portfolio of our work so that our new clients can easily access our work. Our clients are very valuable to us and we give special attention toward their work. We are your best roofing partner.

An Excel Roofing Company in Long Island NY

There might be many roofing companies around your but we excel in roof repair. We have well trained and experienced worker that are trained well to deal with all sort of issues. We are different from the regular companies. We proudly announce that each of our team members is brilliant and sharp. They know well how to handle the roofing issues. They are skilled and polished. Hundreds of our customers are enjoying our services. We leave a happy customer. We are determined to deliver 100% on every work, for every customer.

Give Your Home a Thorocoat for Smooth Results

Thorocoat is a high-performance exterior paint. It has exceptional color maintain power. It has best fade resistance quality. It is 100% acrylic and catches less dirt. It is easy to maintain and clean. It is best applicable to big structure areas like a hotel, warehouses, malls, apartments etc.

Thorocoat Special Features includes:

  • It is waterproof
  • It is UV resistance
  • It does not affect your breathing
  • It has smooth and fine texture
  • Long term working
  • It is an excellent barrier for carbon dioxide diffusion
  • Tough finishing
  • Best for building exteriors, sidewalks, back walls, and basement.

Why using Thorocoat

The main purpose of using Thorocoat is to get a covering that does not even allow the pin to pass through. Thorocoat is successfully meeting that target. Giving 100% satisfied results. Its coverage may vary depending on the area of applying. Rough and more defected areas required more coating for smoothness. Read out more benefits below.

Benefits of Using Thorocoat:

  • It prevents water penetration.
  • It has design versatility.
  • Give your area a new and long term look.
  • It is cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • It works well in cold weather
  • Environmental friendly
  • Protect steel from corrosion
  •  Resist erosion

It is available in four different colors that are neutral, pastel, medium, ultra and 48 standard colors. For color variations contact us. We are readily available with a complete range of facilities. You will like the magic of this product on surface for protection and decoration.

Cautions While Using Thorocoat

As you know, dealing with chemicals is risky. You need expert hands for handling such sort of things. It is always advisable not to try it yourself. In case you ever try, keep certain things in mind. Use gloves to avoid any skin interaction with it. It touched wash it thoroughly. Do not take in as it may cause kidney failure. Do not be afraid; let the experienced person handle this. Our team is trained for protecting themselves while making your areas hole free and smooth. Your safety is our priority. We can risk your life for this easy task. This needs a bit care handling to get the perfect results.

Thorocoat is applied with a brush or can be sprayed. Back-rolling is highly recommended after spraying for effective results. It requires 5 days for complete dry after final coat.

Brick, Concrete, and Masonry Work

Brick is always important in house construction and requires maintenance off and on. Our brick masonry workers are skilled enough to provide you the finest job in no time. Brick pointing and repointing process can be long but we are ready for it. We work well with a silicone coating and brick sealersThe skilled work force we have can provide great masonry service that will include both concrete masonry and stone masonry. If you are looking for pavers or skilled professionals who can handle stucco, MRX is the right contractor for you.

Shingle Roofing for your Building

There are mainly three types of Shingle roofing that MRX construction offers:

  • Dimensional Shingle
  • Strip Shingle
  • Luxury Shingle

They are cost affecting, long lasting, and best of quality. They give your building a rich look and thicker appearance.

Roofing Contractor

We provide the best roofing contractor in town. Our words are not enough to make to comfortable. You must what things a roofing contract must have. Before hiring, make sure that the person is licensed and provides a reference for his work. For the best residential and commercial roofing system, our team is readily available without any delay. We have highly trained workers that are determined to provide you quality work. Our team is focused and promising.

All Under One Roof

With roof repairing, we deal in with other services like:

Choosing MRX Constructions

You never give your repairing work in a non-professional's hand. You always search for some special person who can handle your things with care. Our workers are great to help you. They are reliable and efficient to perform their duty well in time. We are highly trained and expert in roofing. Trust us with your work. You will be glad about our extra services. We tend to make fair and transparent deals with our customers. Try us. You will come again it is our promise.

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