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KC Fence And Iron Welding Works providing quality customer service

Greetings! This is KC Fence and Iron Welding Works. We are a fencing contractor in Spring TX. We provide you with custom designed works of gates, doors, staircases, railings, and fences. We deal in iron, metal, and aluminum. We work for both outdoor and indoor. Iron gates, fences, handrails for balconies and stairs, and staircases are the main domains we deal in.

Railings, staircases, hand rails, fences, gates, all these components add to the beauty of the home and must have a new and fresh look. Therefore, if you are building a new home or planning to do renovation, we are here to help you with our best and high-quality facilities in iron and metal works. We provide you with making, fabrication, welding, and decorative works.

Gate Works:

Our gate craft includes:

Whether you want a gate for the main entrance or drive way, or you need an automated or a sliding one, KC Fence and Iron Welding Works is there to fulfill your needs. Iron, aluminum, or metal, whatever is your choice; our experienced technicians are fully capable of meeting your demands.

We also have a very special offer for you that are craftsman style iron gates. The design and beauty of these customized gates will amaze you and add attractiveness to the look of your home. We create these custom designs for only people who have a deep aesthetic sense.

Staircase Works:

Do you want to have a wrought iron staircase, or any other metal, timber, aluminum made staircase? Our team is skilled in metal works. You will find the best design with us.

Welding Services:

Some of the old structures may need to have a manual work. We can provide you with both manual welding and machine welding. Welding is a technical work. Only expert technicians can handle it. Our welding team knows very well what and how to do the things for various types of building structures. They have the know-how about which option is suitable for specific places. They can perform iron welding tasks and welding fabrication.

We are not only doing new works but also taking care of repair jobs also for old components. In repair tasks, we cover fence repair as well as metal or iron gate repair.

Fence Services:

We have a vast variety of fence designs and types. According to your needs and choices, you can choose from these:

We have the best fencing contractor in our team you can fully rely on. Just tell us what is your requirement, and we will take care of the rest. You can have any type of fence work for home, garden, and a piece of land.

Metal Fabrication:

We have the best and most experienced metal fabricators in our team to provide you with the best services. They supervise the work of fence, gate, and staircase making which involves heavy metals and iron. They are capable of creating beautiful designs for your home decoration from raw materials.

We have mastered the art of home decoration. No one can beat us in heavy metal and iron works because we have a competent and skilled work force. We take customers opinion during work regularly so that we can satisfy them 100%. Their input during work progress helps us achieve the best results. Find the best fencing and home maintenance contractor with KC Fence and Iron Welding Works.

You can anytime get in touch with us for the above-mentioned services. 

Physical Address: 11402 south post oak Houston Texas 77035

For details, Please feel free to call us at 832-886-9199

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