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The Most Thorough Local Home Inspection in Lexington MA

If you have an old home or if, you want to buy a new one there is more in common among you than you think. You both need a local home inspection in Lexington MA at the earliest possible time. 

A home inspection from Pillar to Post includes all the minute details from each part of your house. Our name rightly suggests so as we will cover everything from plumbing, electrical, porch, deck and foundation in our final report. We offer the most detailed analysis of the condition of your home and the report will be available to you quickly via email.

No other home inspection company provides such a detailed view of your probe. We offer pictures and videos of the actual inspection along with the report. These pictures will strengthen all our claims about your property and will help you see in real time what is wrong.      

Why Getting a Local Home Inspection in Lexington MA can be Necessary

New or old properties should come under scrutiny every now and then. One must think what the ruckus about hiring a local home inspector is. We are here to answer all your questions about why you should get your home checked up thoroughly.

If you are a fan of analogies, this might be of interest to you. Think of your house as a human being. When a human being is young external environmental factors will hardly affect health, the same is the case with buildings. As humans age, their immune systems get weaker and they tend to fall sick more often. A building has the same properties. The older it gets, the more vulnerable it becomes.

home inspector is like a building doctor that diagnoses all present and future diseases the building might befall. If you fall sick, you cannot do without a visit to the doctor. In the same way, your old house cannot do without a thorough home checkup from a professional.  

Inspections for both Old and New Homes 

An examination is not only necessary for old homes; it can be for new ones as well. When you are getting a new home, an inspection might help paint a clearer picture for you. You do not buy a house every day and the investment can be rather large. Knowing what you are investing in and making an informed decision can be utterly important.

Property inspections for new homes can include pre-listing and pre-drywall inspections as well. These can be a major reason for damage control in the longer run. You can sort any damages and loopholes in the very beginning so that it does not get worse with time.

What Does An Inspection Include?

The most important question that needs answers is what you should be expecting from a home inspection. It is more than a man coming to your house in jeans and a t-shirt with a checklist in his hand. Our professional home inspectors are expert analyzers of the situation and you can expect the ultimate best from them.

We are not rookies with checklists but we know what we are doing. Our inspections will include everything from your pillar to your post. The inspectors that make way to your house will zero in on every small to huge problem that your property might have. You can expect the final report to include the following details:

  • We make sure we cover all areas of the house and a porch inspection is part of the deal. This will include the proper investigation of the porch stairs, tiles, floors, roof structure and all other areas.   
  • The thorough check-up of your house also includes a foundation inspection, which will make sure that the footing of your house is as strong as it should be. A lot depends upon the foundation and in old houses. For instance, the foundations can become weak with time. An early inspection can help point out the need for a foundation underpinning.
  • The presence of Radon gas can be dangerous for health. There is a safe limit beyond which when Radon gas limit increases in air or water it can cause many problems. Radon testing in Lexington MA is important in certain more susceptible areas. We have sensitive equipment that gives accurate numbers for the level of Radon. Proper diagnosis can help in arranging radon mitigation procedures so that the health of the residents is not affected.
  • We also provide water heater inspection for your convenience. This makes the homeowner better equipped to tackle possible problems in water heaters without ever running out of warm water. This inspection will include checking of the thermostat, all pipes and the water heater tank for any leaks or such.
  • Problems can arise in HVAC systems as well. You can get an HVAC inspection if there are weird sounds coming from your system or there are issues with the temperature settings. Before the problem starts affecting your daily life it is better to keep it in check well beforehand.

Inspections are a sure shot way of knowing that the investment you make is going to the right place. At Pillar To Post, we make a local home inspection in Lexington MA easier and within everyone’s reach.

You can call us at 781 960 3670 or email us at matt.deveaux@pillartopost.com with any questions that you may have.

For further details, visit our website https://pillartopost.com/mattdeveaux/

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