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Best One-Stop Shop for Vacuums and Accessories

Vacuum Center is your one-stop shop for purchases, service, and repair of vacuums and cleaning agents for floor cleanup. Whether you need any famous brand of vacuum, its belt, or bag, we are here to serve you. With the experience and market presence of more than 30 years, we are now the biggest name in our field. Covering a wide area of Washington DC, we have a sound clientele. We are among one of the few service providers that people trust without any hesitation.

Shop Brands with Us

We have close collaboration with the likes of Simplicity Vacuums, Sebo Vacuums, and Central Vacuums. These names add to our credibility and trustworthiness. We have the following brands at our stores:

Our Sebo products include these:

We also provide repair and maintenance service for these brands. Vacuum Center provides you full assistance. We also have vacuum bags and vacuum belts at our outlet. Vacuum filters and other parts of different brands are also available. If you face problems with the bag or belt, we can look at them for you. We will provide repair and replacement of accessories anytime you need it. We have a great stock of accessories at our showroom.

We have these types of vacuums available:

  • Canister
  • Backpack
  • Commercial upright
  • Handheld
  • Upright

Home and Office Usage

Vacuum cleaner systems are a part of every household as well as the office because carpets are trending. In offices and homes, people like to have wall-to-wall carpet. Some people even use area rugs. That is why; vacuums are becoming a necessity.

Home and office owners need cleanliness of the carpets and area rugs to give them a longer life. In the office, the cleaning needs are different from those in a home. An office is a place where a large number of people use it. However, homes have less population. Nonetheless, carpet cleaning is necessary for both places.

Vacuums vary according to usage. Different people like different types. Some feel convenient in using a backpack. However, others like to canister or handheld ones. We have all these types of vacuums at our place as we have to deal with various types of customers. You can have these for both households as well as commercial use.

Home Care Appliances are Necessary

At home, the carpets may have stains due to eatables like coffee, tea, and other things. A very important thing at homes is the presence of pet birds and animals. Dogs and cats are usually a part of most of the families. Pet-loving people like to have birds and animals. That is why; they have to have vacuum cleaners also.

Other than pets, dirt and dust are a big problem. A great deal of dust accumulates under the carpet. Therefore, regular vacuuming becomes necessary. We cannot live with dirt and dust. It causes many breathing problems. Additionally, pet hair and odor is also dangerous for health. The pet lovers do face this problem. If they cannot do the cleaning tasks by their own self, they hire someone. However, a high-performance cleaning or shampooing machine is essential for the home clean-up job.

If there are dust and dirt, of pet hair in the living atmosphere, we can catch up with diseases. Asthma, allergies, and other chronic ailments are very unsafe for wellbeing. Suppose your home or office is not clean, it has dust or pet hair in the air. You may indulge into shortness of breath to even more risky problems. However, you can stay safe and healthy if you have a good quality of carpet cleaning machine.

When we talk about healthy living and fit the atmosphere, we need to have a clean environment. There comes Vacuum Center. We assure to give you a dust-free and pollution-free home and office environment. For this, you can have full trust in our service and products at our showroom.

Installation of Central Vacuum System

If you want to have a central vacuum system at your office or home, we can do it. Our expert and experienced staff members are fully capable of installation. Whether you want to install it in a new building or an existing one, we can do it excellently. Our well-trained and skilled service members will not hesitate to go beyond their responsibilities to satisfy you.

Inexpensive and Budget-friendly

Our services and spare parts are available at reasonable prices. Although, we have big brands at our showroom, nonetheless, our prices and service charges are competitive.

Why Choose Vacuum Center?

Vacuum Center is a family and locally owned business established since 1983. We are one of the leading vacuum and accessories providers. We have a wide range of vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning products at our showroom. Locally operated, Vacuum Center provides you with all popular brands of carpet cleaning machines. You can get floor cleaners, carpet shampooers, and steam cleaners here.

We have a wide range of brands and models as well as types. We know very well that efficiency matters a lot in home appliances. We provide you with energy-efficient appliances. All types of vacuum cleaners are here to suit your requirements and choices.

We strive hard to keep our name and standard as high as possible. Our customer satisfaction ratio is one of the best in town. We are efficient and can complete repair tasks in a few hours or one-day maximum.

Contact us today to have a reliable, energy-efficient home cleaning appliances with a guarantee. We also offer a discount coupon. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-531-1045

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