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QRG Glass LLC providing quality customer service

Find a Quick Way to Do Glass Repair in Maple Grove

QRG Glass LLC has been working since many years in Maple Grove. We are responsible for your glass repair. No matter how difficult the task is, our experts can handle your glasswork very well. We provide a quick way to repair anything made of glass. We maintain a high quality to meet your standards. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our reliable service will make you happy.

Along with repairing your glass, our professionals can do the following things:

  • Glass Installation
  • Mirror Repair and installation
  • Sliding glass door
  • Store front replacement and installation
  • Repair broken window
  • Foggy glass repair
  • Emergency board up

Easy Glass Repair and Installation

The glass is a delicate thing to handle and can break easily. It requires professional hands for a perfect fixation and repair. We at QRG Glass LLC have experienced workers who take care of your glass repairing and installation. Our repairing service includes everything from insulated glass repair to custom glass installation. Our focus is to provide the best-insulated glass that offers high-quality insulation and is highly energy efficient. We are well equipped to handle any kind or any size of glass repair or installation. We offer the following glass installation:

  • Insulated glass unit
  • Tempered glass
  • Single pane
  • Customized glass shape

Our customized glass service is attractive for our customers as they look elegant and can fix according to your requirement. Our team will take exact measurements of your window or door that needs glass installation. We give the best shape according to the requirement. Our customized glass will fit in your space perfectly.

Sliding Door Repair and Installation

Sliding doors are a beautiful addition to your home and it takes less space than the usual doors. Along with their beauty, they are fragile. They can easily damage and need repairs. Their rollers cause the main issues in most cases. By opening and closing the door frequently, the rollers get harder to move and this results in damage. Other reasons could be the dust trapped in the track of the sliding door. Dust becomes a hurdle and stops the door from sliding smoothly.

You do not need to worry about your sliding doors when our team is around to help you out. Our workers will work with great care. Although sliding doors installation is expensive, so we endeavor to help you save your money. We do not directly jump into installing the new sliding door. Our first step is always to clean the track to make the door run smoothly. If that does not help, then we will go for roller adjustments. This is the quickest and easiest way for sliding door repair. In the end, we will go for the new door installation if required.

Replacing a sliding door by yourself is not that difficult but due to its heavy weight, it is always advisable to hire some experts. We train our technicians to carry their loads and fix it properly. We will fix your door in no time.

Foggy Glass Repair in Maple Grove

Foggy glass has surely caused you troubles in the winter season. Excessive moisture traps in the glass pane, which is tough to clear. We have a quick way of taking you out of trouble instead of replacing the whole glass window or pane. Our workers are best at windows defogging. We have a fast way of making your glass clear again. Our process can save you from spending unnecessarily. Choosing us is the best option for you for so many reasons, like:

  • We protect your window from further damage.
  • Our effective process will save you.
  • We are fast and efficient.
  • We ensure and preserve the beauty of your window or door.

Emergency Board up Maple Grove MN

Glass repairing may take a few days especially when it is your customized glass. You cannot leave your windows or door open. For that, we have a solution for you. We provide emergency board up services to prevent your residential or commercial building from storms or rain. Quality is our main priority. Our boards will protect your home or building from any further damage.

Boarding up is not only for your windows but also for other open areas in your home that needs protection. Boards can secure your home or any other building area from fire or illegal entry.  

Choosing QRG Glass LLC

You always appreciate quality work in less time. QRG Glass LLC team works with great effort to make quality work. We work for your satisfaction. Glass repair and installation can never be better without us. We serve you with the best materials and services so you can count on us. Words are not enough for you to trust us, so try us today. Build your trust in us. We are rapidly becoming people’s first choice.

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  • Glass Repair
  • Glass Installation
  • Install Mirrors
  • Table Top Glass Installation
  • Sliding Glass Door Installation 
  • Fix Glass Door
  • Front Door Glass Replacement
  • Sky Light Installation
  • Repair Broken Window Glass

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