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Certified Home Inspectors providing quality customer service

Home, Radon & Infrared Inspection by Certified Inspector

We are a trusted and reliable name in the home examination. We offer you the services of general home, radon, and infrared inspection by certified and licensed home inspector in Sarasota FL.

Our valued customers understand the significance of home assessment very well. A home is a place where you live with a family. It must be fit for living from every aspect, and away from any health risks. You can achieve a high standard of living only with regular checkups from a professional and skilled home examiner. Certified Home Inspectors provides you with the home inspection services mentioned below:

Home and Infrared Inspection for Healthy Living

You must ask for a home assessment by a certified inspector before purchasing or start living there. The inspection is necessary for not only homes but also commercial buildings. There are certain types of examination like:

All these segments of commercial or home inspections are extremely significant. If you neglect any of those, you may have to face serious health issues.

Never Compromise on your Health and Safety

Certified Home Inspectors perform thermal imaging with the help of latest infrared cameras. These cameras show us potential risks like electrical system ‘hot spots’; moisture and possible mold etc. If a building segment needs repair, we can clearly see it in thermal imagery. Then the building owner, seller, or buyer can have immediate solutions to repair the issues.  

We perform radon gas testing to check out the presence of radon gas in any building. Radon is a radioactive gas. It occurs naturally due to the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks. Underground or well water may also become a cause of radon production. You cannot detect radon by seeing or smelling. Testing is the only way to discover it. Skilled and expert home inspectors can judge its presence easily with latest tools. These tools include digital radon detector and radon test kit. Radon has a close connection with lung cancer. Therefore, neglecting such a big problem may cause a very serious health risk.

Foundation examination is also very essential for both home and commercial buildings. You know foundations are the base of a building. If the base is weak or faulty, how can you rely on such building for living or business? It would be a grave safety and health concern.

The foundation strength has many related aspects. There are certain symptoms of foundation weakness. Like floor not leveled, jammed windows or doors or if they are unable to open and close easily, and cracks in walls or floor tiles are the symptoms.

The roof provides you with a solid over-head cover. Roof examination is also as much necessary as foundation checkup. The roof must be healthy and fit. Water leakage and moisture in the roof, mold development, and holes are certain problems. Holes can invite birds to nest in the roof. These problems increase with the passage of time. Therefore, both home and commercial roofs need time-to-time inspection. However, you can avoid these critical safety problems and solve them timely with the regular examination.

Water quality analysis has a direct link with our health. We cannot live without water. If we take unhygienic and unclean water, we can develop many critical health problems. These problems include skin, stomach, and gastro problems. You can very well understand the health risks involved in having contaminated water. There are certain methods to check the quality of potable and other water.

We perform water quality test with the help of modern kits. We take samples of water and test them for acidity, oxygen, and turbidity. The water polluted with chemicals, germs, dust, dirt, human or animal waste, and sewage water mixing pose dangerous health problems.

You can avail all of these types of home assessment with Certified Home Inspectors.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Home Inspectors provide you with all these testing and examination. You can have full trust on our professionalism and abilities. We are licensed and certified to practice anywhere in Sarasota FL. We are one of the most expert companies in home examining tasks. We have mentioned details regarding radon, infrared, roof, foundation, and water quality above.

You can trust us 100% as your living environment advisors. Your health and safety are just like our own.

We are current and up to date in technology. When you hire us, we can go to any level to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are an up-to-date service and have the best customer service in the state yet we are reasonable. Our budget-friendly solutions will be the most suitable for general home, infrared inspection and radon testing.

Contact us today to have our current home assessment services.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 786-239-8849

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