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SacMakers Academy providing quality customer service

Hands-on Learning for Your Kids in Citrus Heights CA

Sac Makers in Citrus Heights have been working for your child’s better future since 2009. We are determined to provide your kid a successful life. We have highly educated and well-trained staff. Our teaching abilities and methods are matchless. We never restrict our teaching methods. We go beyond our limits for your child’s better understanding.

Our homeschool enrichment service is simply the best. Our service is for children between ages 8-12. The owner Robert Calvert started this institute with the help of Brannon Harris. We believe that kids can do anything. There are no limitations for them. However, their dreams need proper direction to become reality. Surely, we are the helping hand for your kids to live their dreams through our entrepreneurship programs in Citrus Heights CA.

Citrus Heights CA is a historical district with the largest residential community in the USA. Sac Makers is providing your kids a better place for knowing their skills. We have a private academy and summer classes for kids to make them more skillful and more creative. Our objective is to work with perfection. We believe that creativity depends on choice and we help you in making the best choice. This is why we try to give our 100% to your child. Makers are fully aware of the world’s requirement. Our services are valuable and beneficial.

Choosing Us for Home School is Worthy

Your child has every right to get a proper platform to explore his or her abilities. We are here to help kids in understanding themselves better. We show them the path to pursue their careers. From the early age, we train them to make positive efforts to achieve their goals. Our training begins in grade 4-12. Our classes are for English and Mathematics instructions. We have a wide range of programming classes for kids such as:

Our first class starts from $300/month and for other additional classes’ $200/month. One of the many reasons of choosing us is that we believe in hands-on learning. We provide equal chances for all our students. Our teachers are professional and honest with their work. Our staff is humble polite and friendly with kids as well as with the parents. We try to facilitate your child as much as possible. We go extra miles to make your child’s summer camp memorable and purposeful. We aim at making your experience greater.

There are many satisfied and happy customers leading in the market. We believe in our students’ abilities. We encourage them to set up their business with full confidence. Trust is the base of every relationship and thankfully, we have made a great relationship with our customers.

Another important factor that will make us your first choice is we work with great collaboration. Our teamwork is strong and we transfer this spirit in your kids. In our group projects where there are different minds with different ideas, we work to bring them on the same point. We never neglect any of our students. We guarantee that you will have a great experience with us.

STEM Charter School

STEM education is very important for your kids. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based education has now become the basis of life. You cannot neglect any aspect of better education. Give your child the best education to make his or her future shine brighter.

In the 21st century, the world is changing rapidly and to move around the world your kids need to step ahead. Consider the benefits of STEM charter school for a better understanding of our service.

Benefits of STEM Education

To live within the USA or anywhere in the world, it is essential to break the gender restrictions and focus on your goals. There are many reasons why the USA remains the world leader. It promotes STEM classes in early childhood. It provides your child’s hands-on activities and mind games to become more sharp and intellectual. Seeing the practical applications of things motivates your child and helps him/her in better learning. Moreover, these types of classes are only helpful when parents play an active role along with teachers.

Summer Courses

We at Sac Makers are successful in making people aware of after-school classes and summer courses for kids. People feel pleased when they see their kids developing differently. It helps to think differently in a broader way. Our extra efforts are not only helpful in finding hidden talents but also to provide a direction for your kid’s future. Instead of letting your kids sit idle during vacations, take advantage of our services.

Moreover, we offer many other skill development classes such as woodworking classes, metalwork, and welding.

Working hours

We work from 8.30 to 5.30 with planned scheduled classes. For the year 2017, here is our class plan.

Fall 2017:  August 21 to November 13

Winter 2017: November 27 to March 2

Spring 2018: March 5 to June 8

To know your child’s creative skills, call us today.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 916-903-8013

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