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United Home Inspection Services LLC providing quality customer service

Mold Testing, Radon, Foundation, & Overall Home Inspection

United Home Inspection Services, LLC is a reputed and well-known real estate examination service provider. Our services extend to both home and commercial properties. We serve in Great Falls VA and other areas of VA including Washington DC, and Maryland. With the industry and market experience of more than 25 years, we are on a very sound rank in real estate examination trade. Our home inspection includes mold testing, radon, foundation, roof, and other important services.

All of our property examination customers want to have skilled and experienced home inspectors. United Home Inspection Services, LLC has a licensed home inspector. The expertise and talent of our property inspectors are really worth your money.

Home inspections are necessary. We cannot sell and buy properties without proper and satisfactory examination. Perhaps, purchasing home or property is one of the most important decisions of our life. Most importantly, we cannot afford any negligence regarding safety and health for a family dwelling. Let us look at the significance of home examination regarding health:

Mold Testing, Radon, and Termite Inspection

Mold is a common type of fungus, which grows rapidly in moisture conditions. If a property has moisture in walls, roof, or foundation, it grows in the form of stains and other colors.

Radon is a harmful, radioactive gas with chemical elements. It may become a cause of lung cancer. There are radioactive elements in soil and rocks all over the world. The breakdown of such elements produces radon gas. It may also be present in surface or underground water. If your property has cracks in the walls and foundation, radon can develop there easily.

Termites breed and live into wood materials like wooden doors and walls as well as furniture. These are harmful to your wood items, especially for doors and walls. Every year, people spend millions of dollars to control and remove this problem.

If you are going to purchase a home asset, do consider these factors. If these signs are evident, do not purchase a property until treatment and removal. However, some of the problems need an expert eye. Common people cannot identify them. We are here to provide you with that expert eye. Remember that these things have a very negative impact on a property sale.

Whether selling or buying, United Home Inspection Services is available to provide you with remediation methods.

If your home property has a high level of radon, we can take steps to bring it down. We can also give you mold remediation solutions.

Our radon inspection, mold testing, and termite inspection teams are professional. They are talented enough to spot the problems as well as give you a solution.

Do Not Neglect Foundation and Roof

The foundation is the base of a structure and roof is the cover on your head. Both of these aspects of the home property are extremely important. You can neglect neither roof nor foundation. If there is any problem regarding structure or any other thing, United Home Inspection Services will identify. Our foundation inspection and roof inspection experts have thorough knowledge and experience of many years. They can easily indicate flaws in a property.

Other Services

Along with the above-mentioned facilities, we provide you with these services also:

  • Pre-listing home inspection
  • Pre-purchase home inspection
  • Pre-drywall home inspection
  • Septic tank inspection   
  • Water quality testing

Pre-listing inspection prepares your home for sale. Pre-purchase examination saves you from purchasing any faulty property. You get information about any possible flaws and can demand compensation from the seller. The pre-drywall examination is a third party assessment. It gives you an insight of an under-construction property regarding builders’ performance.

United Home Inspection Services also provides you with the final walk-through assessment. Soon after the construction is complete but before the occupation, we conduct this assessment.

Why Choose United Home Inspection Services?

United Home Inspection Services has more than two decades of market presence. During this long time, we have checked up thousands of properties. For cutting-edge home examination, we have latest tools like infrared cameras, combustible detectors for gas leakage indication, smoke alarm testers, and moisture meters. When you hire an inspector of United Home Inspection Services, he will be equipped with these devices.

Your property is like ours. We love to take care of all the problems your property has.

Our examination report is in electronic form. It includes photos to show up the problematic areas. If you conduct an inspection of your present property, we are there to help you out. If you are facing the above-mentioned home problems like mold and radon, do not worry at all.

We are available seven days a week and after working hours to give service to our valued customers. We charge per square foot. Our agents are available to answer any question by customers.

Contact us today to get your home property inspected. You are most welcome for appointment or estimate. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-623-5645

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