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Renovation, Home Inspections and Roof Services at One Place

Are you looking for home inspections and roof services in Farmington Hills MI? Consider your search over. J Flip Co is the company that can provide you with both these facilities at a single place. Whether you need home examination, remodeling, or roofing facilities, we are available for all these things. Our home inspector, as well as roof inspector, is there to assist you in every way.

Let us give you a more detailed picture of the facilities offered by us:

Detailed Home Inspections and Roof Solutions

The home examination is essential before purchasing or hiring a building for your home or office. If the foundation, walls, roof, and other places of the building are faulty, it is not safe for the dwelling or commercial purposes. We offer these examination facilities:

Attic examination is necessary, just as a roof examination is necessary. If the roof is in good and sound condition, it does not necessarily mean that the attic is also strong. You must have attic examination to check any possible damage. You should never neglect the broken rafters or tethers inside, water or fire damage, or insulation problems. These things may prove to be problematic later.

Basement examination becomes essential after a flood or heavy rains. If its walls, roof, or foundation has any water damage due to flood, rains, or leakage, it is very dangerous. Get your basement inspected at least once a year to avoid any big damage.

A drywall has a certain life. After that, it becomes faulty and damaged and needs repair or replacement. All homeowners or buyers must get a drywall examination especially when they need a residential building. Along with assessment, we also offer drywall installation as well as repair. You can have our drywall repair solution if it becomes faulty or damaged.

Foundation examination is significant for the inspection. If the foundation of a building has faults like cracks, broken down flooring, it can invite many problems. We have a well-trained, expert, and skilled foundation inspector who is fully capable of giving you some assistance.

The roof is the cover over our heads and home. Regular roof examination is necessary to avoid any unforeseen harm. If your roof is leaking or has developed cracks or holes, it is not safe to live under it. Cracks or holes can invite birds or small animals to nest or intrude inside. Leakages, too, are very hazardous. You must have regular roof examination, at least once a year.

J Flip Co is the solution provider for all the above-mentioned examination types. If you hire us for home examination, we give you a package that includes all these facilities in it. Our home assessment package covers all the things mentioned above.

Roofing Solutions

Our roof services include:

Along with an inspection, we offer you with the installation of new roof and repair of the existing. Our service members are fully capable of providing you with all roofing solutions. Their expertise in installation, repair, and inspection also are the best. We can provide any advice and guidance in installing a new roof. We can give you anything you need, like tiled, EPDM, shingle, asphalt, slat, wood, concrete, or metal. Our roof installers are fully capable of installing and repairing any design or manufacture.

Rebuilding and Remodeling

Are you thinking about replacing or changing anything in your bathroom or kitchen? If yes, then we are available for renovation. Bathroom and kitchen are two of the places that we use the most in our home. You would like to have a beautiful and charming look for our bathroom and kitchen. You want to have the latest styles, color combos, designs, and installations.

J Flip Co is fully talented to give you a dream kitchen and bathroom. Tell us what your choice of colors and designs is and we will realize what you have thought. Bathroom and kitchen renovation is an inventive task. Not everyone can do it. It requires aesthetics, expertise, latest technology, and knowledge of newest trends. Without these qualities, you cannot achieve your goal. J Flip Co feels proud to declare that this company is fully equipped with these tools. We not only apply our minds in renovation work but we also give importance to your suggestions.

Our kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation solutions will be much more inexpensive than total replacement. We recommend you to have our rebuilding facilities for kitchen and bathroom. Remodeling will save you from many expenses. It will be a difference of almost half of the total expenses. In the half expenses of new construction, you will have a new and updated look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Our designers and renovators work in close synchronization with clients. This is a simple way of maximum satisfaction of the clients.

Why Choose J Flip Co?

J Flip Co is an inspection, roofing service provider, and renovation company. We offer the best and wide-ranging home inspections and roof installation in Farmington Hills MI.

We feel proud to declare ourselves as one of the best service providers in the above-mentioned fields. We strive hard to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best way. Moreover, we are inexpensive and our pricing is competitive. Our performance is much better than our competitors in meeting the deadlines and customer satisfaction are. However, our prices are reasonable and budget-friendly.

You can contact us anytime for having our inspection, roof solutions, and renovation services. You are always welcome.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 248-896-4004

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