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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Garage Builder, and More

Are you looking for kitchen & bathroom remodeling? Do you need a garage builder service or home additions? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. DT Custom Remodel is the name that provides these facilities. Serving mainly in Colorado State including Fort Collins and other areas, we are the best choice for refurbishing customers.

We know very well the confusion that many of our home customers go through. For the same reason, we have made renovation and rebuilding easy and reasonable. Now you do not need to have an expensive reconstruction. Our residential remodeling is going to give you a new appearance to your kitchen and bathroom.

Reinventing your Kitchen and Bathroom

Has the years’ old and worn-out look of your kitchen and bathroom got you feeling fed up? Not a problem at all. Just call us for an appointment or estimate quote for the kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts can give you excellent suggestions and solutions.

Our installers are available if you are looking for new kitchen tiles’ installation. They offer many of the designs and patterns. Whether you need backsplash, flooring, or countertops, we can give you the best advice accordingly. We have these tile types for you:

  • Ceramic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Pebbles & Stones
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Wood Look

Along with types, there are many sizes, colors, manufactures, and patterns available. Our expert designers will advise you according to the furniture, décor, lighting styles, and overall look of the kitchen. Whether you like the big or small size of tiles, light or dark colors, traditional or a new pattern, we are there to fulfill all of your needs.

Finishing and Refinishing

Basement finishing needs a creative approach. A basement is a place where everyone wants to design according to his/her choice. Some people like to make it a leisure room with LED screen, snooker table, wine arrangements, or kid’s playroom. A few people like to use it as a washing area or gym. People have their own taste and choices.

We advise them accordingly. Get our finishing services for your basement. We also offer basement refinishing of an old one, both finished and unfinished. Tile flooring, painting, rearranging, and décor, we can do anything you want. We are skilled enough to provide you with a suitable and tasteful solution. Walls, tiles or floorings, furniture sets, windows, lighting fixtures, design, and décor, we can do everything to finish or refinish your basement.

Our designers are so skilled that they can transform your basement entirely into a gorgeous place. You will not be able to live without the attractive place.

Garage Solutions

The garage can be a great part of your home if you build it intelligently. Along with car parking, it can be a storage space for you. You can store plenty of items there. Are you confused about garage building? We can help you with our suggestions. Our expert and proficient garage builders are available for you.

Whether you need a new garage or you want to have garage additions to the existing one, DT Custom Remodel is there. A garage is a place that needs proper planning. It is different from other areas of the home. That is why; we need to take into account minor to major things. For instance:

  • We consider how spacious it is.
  • Is it a one-car or two-car space?
  • Is it open from the front or a closed one with a garage door?
  • What shape it has?
  • Does the customer want to reshape and redesign it?
  • What type of addition is possible and suitable?

We need to evaluate all these details while suggesting solutions for the garage.

Home Design and Construction

A home is a place that must be much more than just a shelter. We all want to have an attractive and pretty home to live in. We want to see comfort, luxury and all the qualities in our home. Sometimes, we feel the need to add to the home. Like after an increase in the number of family members, you need to have an expansion in the present building.

If you are thinking about it, we are here to offer you solutions according to your needs. All of us have our own choices and likings. Some people want to have spacious rooms with more storage capacity. Some people like to have centuries-old traditional décor and style. Whatever your choice and need are, DT Custom Remodel gives you a dream home.

Just inform us about the blueprint of your choices and we will realize it in the form of your refurbished home. Our ideas of home additions can give you more space for living or storage. If you want to have a small lawn or swimming pool addition, we offer you the best layout and pattern.

Our home remodelers are perfect home designers. They know very well the new trends and styles that are in fashion these days. Since the pre-historic times, homes have changed hundreds of forms and shapes. Our tailor-made and custom home construction ideas can give you a new look of the home. In new additions to present home buildings, we can install deck and porch as well.

DT Custom Remodel gives your home a new meaning. Would you like to try it? If yes, we will be happy to help you in giving your home a new implication.

Deck installation

Deck and porch are an important part of the home. A deck gives a beautiful addition to a home. Whether you like to have a wooden deck or one made of some other material, we can handle it skillfully. Our deck designers work in close coordination with customers. We keep in mind the minor to major design details to make it as you have thought.

Why Are We The Best Choice For Remodeling?

DT Custom Remodel is totally in line with new fashions and styles of reconstruction and remodeling. Our remodelers and construction designers have full command on home décor and interior design. We have the best suitable and qualified talent in our team. You can very well judge and see our abilities when we will work for your home. Whether it is kitchen & bathroom remodeling, a garage builder service, or home additions, we all well set to fulfill all the needs.

Contact us now to have a renewed shape of your home. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 970-689-9620

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