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Fresh Wholesale Green Coconuts Available in Washington DC

Affordable Coconut Service in Washington DC provides 100% original, farm fresh, and juicy wholesale green coconuts. We have a personal plantation of coconut trees from where we source the fresh green coconuts. We do not add artificial flavors to make it sweet. Our coconuts are naturally sweet unlike the other available in the market. We do not use additives or chemicals in order to increase the shelf life.

Moreover, we use our own containers to pack your order. You can rely on us for the real and natural products. We supply wholesale coconuts within a few days upon receiving your order. We are proud of our reputation as a company that is responsible and honest in our dealings. Our name is famous for the wholesale fresh coconuts in Washington DC.

We maintain high standards throughout the process, from picking to packing in containers personally. We do not limit our supply and never run out of supply. You can buy wholesale coconuts container one or ten per month, we will readily supply them within days. We assure you that the quality and taste of coconuts will be amazing. You will be happy to receive your order in the least required time. A satisfied customer is a key to a successful business.

Benefits of Wholesale Green Coconuts

The coconut is a common fruit with countless benefits. Generally, there are two kinds of coconuts: green and brown. We make sure the green ones are easily available because they are more beneficial, with the fresh and tasty water inside and soft pulp. This is an early stage of coconuts and when it ripens, it turns into brown dehydrated coconut. They are similar to grapefruit in size, smaller than the green ones.

Some of the obvious benefits of green coconuts are:

  • It is the best source of nutrients

Coconut water is naturally produced beverage inside the fruit and has 94% of water and very little fat. It contains many nutrients that keep your body healthy. The juice is in the center of young green coconut, which helps nourish the fruit. When it ripens, the juice dries and it converts into a hard brown coconut shell.

An average coconut can provide 0.5-1 cups of water. We make sure that you get healthy and fresh coconuts from us.

  • Research says coconuts have antioxidants properties

Free radicals or unstable molecules develop in your body when you are under stress or have some injury. With the increase in molecules, the body is in an oxidative state, which can damage your cell and increases the disease.

Studies show that coconuts have antioxidants in the water they have, which can reduce the formation of free radicals so that they are no more harmful to you.

  • It is helpful for diabetic patients

Research also shows that coconut water is beneficial for diabetic patients as it helps to maintain the sugar level in your blood. However, a diabetic patient can easily make it a part of his or her meal with only 6g of a digestible amount of carbohydrates and 3g of fiber per cup.

  • Coconuts prevent you from kidney stones

To keep yourself safe from kidney stones, doctors highly recommend the intake of a lot of water. However, coconut water is full of calcium so it can serve the purpose better. Make it a part of your day to keep the stones away.

  • It keeps your heart healthy

Coconut water can keep your heart healthy. It fights to keep you away from cholesterol issues and take control of your high blood pressure. It controls the amount of sodium in your body.

  • Intake of coconut water is beneficial after exercise and keeps you hydrated

Coconut water is the perfect beverage to keep your body hydrated and helps you to cure your cramps and muscle pain after prolonged exercise. It contains flow fats calories with amazing taste.

  • Coconut oil as a food supplement

Coconut oil provides strength to your immune system, helps in digestion. The oil has various substances including fatty acids and glycerol, which are important for your body.

In addition to its benefits, it is the best and natural intake to recover the freshness of your skin. It helps to restore your body hydration in case of vomiting or diarrhea.

Why Affordable Coconut Service 

For so many reasons we have earned a great reputation in the wholesale market. Our wholesale suppliers are honest and trustworthy. They are bound to deliver your order on time. We understand your concerns regarding your product. We make sure to make every arrangement to secure to coconuts before sending to you.

We excel in customer care service. We do not keep the stock, as they will not stay fresh and juicy. However, we cut them from the trees on the same day of your order. We wrap them and load them in the refrigerated container to preserve their freshness.

You will find us affordable as compared to other wholesale pricing for coconuts. With us, you can stay calm and relax, while we deliver them at your place.

Promote Your Business

We help you promote your brand name. We can laser your company name on the coconuts for promotion. We produce thousands of coconuts weekly on our farms keeping the quality standards high. We pick them up, shave them, laser your brand on it and after wrapping, we place them carefully in the refrigerated containers. Our containers are 100% non-GMO coconuts refrigerators, which keeps your product fresh for 6-8 weeks. You can see images of our work on the website to have a clear idea of how it works.

You cannot resist buying coconuts after reading its useful purposes. Contact us for wholesale green coconuts at the lowest price.

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