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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Inexpensive Prices

Same Day Refinishing is a kitchen and bathroom renovation service provider. Are you thinking about giving a new touch and updated look to your kitchen and bathroom? You have come to the right place. Refinishing or repair of damaged ones, we get all the jobs done. We serve all across San Fernando CA and the surrounding cities.

Our company can give your place a new look at affordable prices. In addition, we have full knowledge of current trends and styles popular these days. You get professional service with excellent results and in budget-friendly prices, what else can any customer want?

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation is Economical than Replacement

Forget the old and rusty look of your kitchen sinks, bathtubs, shower, countertops, and vanities. We are ready to fix your kitchen and bathroom. We specialize in these four things:

  • Bathtub
  • Countertops
  • Shower
  • Wall and floor tiles

Let us show you what we can do for renewing your kitchen and bathroom in detail.

Bathtub Services

Bathtub refinishing has other names also, for example, bathtub re-glazing or re-enameling. It is the process of refinishing the surface of an old, worn-looking bathtub giving it a new-like appearance.

We offer:

Bathtub remodeling is low-priced than replacement but has almost the same results. Therefore, we offer and advise you to have tub re-glazing.

Spa tub refinishing is also available for professional spa and beauty parlors, etc. In a spa, many people use a single service. The repetitive use of the place makes it look old and discolored after a certain time. The spa is a place to relax but if the tub is not fresh looking, it will destroy the feeling of relaxation.

However, our company is capable of restoring your spa to its previous brightness and beauty. Our technicians will fix any structural or surface issue before resurfacing. We can refresh and re-glaze concrete, fiberglass, and porcelain tubs. We use top quality gloss coating for refinishing spa or hot tubs because it can last for a longer period.

Shower Repairs & Fiberglass Service

Is your shower not working properly? Whatever the problem it has, we offer you all types of shower repairs. The cracks, holes, or stains in a shower stall or the wall do not always mean that they need replacement.

We offer shower stall wall resurfacing service for a rusty and old one. Re-surfacing gives you an economical solution. If your shower stall develops cracks in wall or floor, we are available to fix it. If the crack is small, you can fix it yourself but you need a professional for a bigger one. We can also work for fiberglass shower and tub. You can contact us for fiberglass tub repair and fiberglass shower repair.

After repairing the broken and damaged ones and renewal of the old ones, you will have great joy in using your bathroom and shower.

Tile Services

For bathroom tiles, always think about remodeling instead of replacement. If your bathroom tiles need renovation, we are ready. We offer bathroom tile resurfacing for old and discolored tiles. We use top class products for bathroom tile resurfacing. This option gives you almost 50% saving in expenses. Additionally, we offer bathroom tile repair services for damaged or cracked ones. We repair both floor and wall tiles. Ripping up and retiling is expensive and time taking, so leave it to us professionals. Our company provides you with the solution in less than half a price and time. We use the best re-glazing kits and products.

We repair the cracked and holed tiles. We either fill the gaps or holes or change a patch of the damaged area. We offer tiles re-glazing and repair for ceramic and other types.


Countertops and vanities are essential parts of kitchen and bathroom. We provide you with the renovation of them. We offer kitchen countertop refinishing for giving it a new appearance. If you want to have a new look for laminate countertops, our company offers you the best possible solution for it. We have laminate countertop refinishing in affordable prices. We use the paints and refinishing kits that will give your kitchen a transformed look. We use peel-and-stick vinyl coverings for refinishing purposes. These coverings are easy to use and durable. The biggest advantage of it is that it gives you near half saving in pricing.

Likewise, kitchen cabinets refinishing gives you an easy way to update the look of the kitchen while retaining the old installations. Our cabinet renewal method is available for you that is less time-taking and economical as well. Traditional methods of remodeling like wood refinish are a costly one and take longer time. The kitchen or bathrooms are places that you need to use time-to-time. If you have to wait for long hours or go to some other place for these needs, it is upsetting. However, our company can complete the renovation job in fewer hours.

Why Choose Us?

Same Day Refinishing is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, which offers you low-priced solutions. We use the techniques that save you from costly expenses and longtime of tasks. We use high quality and durable products for all jobs. Our pricing is inexpensive and customer service is excellent. Timely and speedy work and meeting the deadlines is an extra topping on the cake.

Contact us today for kitchen and bathroom renovation and save hundreds of dollars. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 818-836-7759

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