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Commercial or Industrial – We Know All Types of Roof Systems

L.M Roofing is a trusted and established roofing service provider. Operating in Mount Rainier MD and many surrounding counties and cities, we are providing commercial and industrial roofing systems. Whether you need a repair or new installation, we are here to get the job done. We proudly offer the highest quality of workmanship and products. Moreover, our services can fit into any budget.

Commercial and industrial roofing is not an easy job, however, we are expert and experienced enough. We are not very old; we started working in 2015 but have long experience of constructing positive relations with customers. Additionally, our staff is hardworking and fully capable of providing the best solutions.

Commercial Roof Systems

Ours is a commercial roofing company that has the experience of working with multiple customers. If you are also looking for a commercial or industrial roofing, your search is over. L.M Roofing is a service that can give you the most suitable solution.

All buildings are unique in roofing requirements. Every building owner wants to have durable, energy efficient and cost-effective roof system. You cannot change a commercial roof after a few years. If the roof is not durable, it is not a good choice. Some factors you should keep in mind while selecting a roof system for your building are:

  • Features and benefits of the material and product
  • Maintenance, durability, and warranties

In the wake of these characteristics, choose the most suitable for your industrial unit or commercial building. We help you in finding the best and the most durable solution. A few of commercial roofing materials include:

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • SPF (spray polyurethane foam)
  • Asphalt rolls
  • Acrylic coatings in Mount Rainier MD

The EPDM roofing system is one of the best roof systems for commercial settings. Made of synthetic rubber, this is the apt choice for low-sloped roofs. Its lifespan is almost 50 years. EPDM has great resistance against damaging UV rays of sun and heat. Thus, it is a cost-effective roofing option. The building owner no more needs to have a repair for further 50 years. However, this system needs an expert installer so choose the roofing company carefully.

TPO roofing system is also like EPDM in the material. However, it is low-cost than EPDM. It is simple to install and provides a great resistance against UV rays. Additionally, it is a superb option for leak resistance. It comes with different levels of thickness. It needs low maintenance.

PVC roof is also a durable and much more resistant to rain or hail damage. Energy efficiency is another advantage of PVC roofing system. It has a minimum breaking point of 300 pounds per inch (PPI) as compared to the industry-recommended 200 PPI.

Hot Tar roof system is also durable and long-lasting. Hot tar is a dark, oily residue of tobacco smoke, which contains byproducts of combustion.

Asphalt roll roofing made of fiberglass mat is a very popular choice for commercial usage.

The metal roof system is highly popular among industrial customers. It provides great resistance against wind or hailstorms. Its material gives extra resistance in hot weather. The metal roofing system is a sensible choice for your building.

Roof coatings are like paint but have a thicker layer. It is for saving the roof from the damaging effects of the environment. It gives more strength to the existing roof coverings. There are various types of roof coatings. It needs multiple gallons for per 100 square feet as compared to simple paint. Acrylic roof coating is available in different colors but the most common one is reflective white. It reflects heat and keeps the building cool in summer. Thus, it lowers the cooling expenses. Spray as well as the roller is used to apply the acrylic coating.

Choose from these options and let us know. If you feel difficulty in selecting any one for your building, our contractors help you out. Our experts are there to give you the apt solution accordingly.

Industrial roofing systems include:

  • EPDM roof system
  • Hot tar roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • TPO roof system in Mount Rainier MD

We have the facility of roof coatings for existing roofs. Our roof contractor and workers have the knowledge and expertise of all the types of roof systems currently in use. The reason behind it is that we arrange time-to-time training and sessions to educate them.

Why Choose L.M Roofing?

We are a family-owned and operated business working in many cities. Whether you live in Mount Rainier MD or any other city, we are near you. We strictly work according to the deadlines. Time and speed are the two main things we keep in mind while working.

At L.M Roofing, we assure you will have the finest material, products, and workmanship. Our capable installers can give the service that you deserve the money you spend. We put serious efforts to stay up to date and acquire new knowledge. Our technicians are competent and we assure you that they have skills to tackle all types of roof systems’ installations and repair jobs. Our installation, repair, and replacement solutions are long-lasting. We know that installing or repairing a roof is an expensive job. That is why; we help you in having the best and the most suitable solution.

Commercial buildings and industrial units need extraordinary strong and resistant materials. We offer the best quality and service.  

We work after preparing an estimate quote if you are satisfied with our prices and give us a green signal. We will discuss all the details of work with you before starting our job. We are available at any time to discuss and finalize what you need. Definitely, we are that industrial roof company you are looking for. We offer these commercial and industrial roofing solutions at affordable prices. Cost-effectiveness and highest quality of job are the strongest of our characteristics. Our priority is to satisfy our customers no matter what length we have to go.

Contact us today at 240 906 0565 or email to l.mroofingmd@yahoo.com for any commercial or industrial roof system installation or repair. We are available for general inquiries and appointments.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 240-906-0565

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