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It’s a goal for many to own their dream home. This can be a challenge, when determining how and what to do, to make that dream a reality. Owning a home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investment decisions of a person’s life. It can be overwhelming! There are so many things to consider before buying and then there is the pressure of knowing that you are making the right decision. It is enormous! Regarding making sound real estate decisions, Buyers and Sellers both share a common desire for honest advice and guidance.

That is why we begin serving our Chantilly, VA Buyers and Sellers by offering you the very best real estate for sale in Chantilly, VA. We provide our clientele with a thorough understanding of the market. We provide all such guidance upfront and online to make sure you are extraordinarily well-informed. We make real estate decisions easier for you by customizing our real estate services to perfectly fit your desires. We offer you the best real estate service in the city assuring that whether you buy or sell Chantilly, VA Single Family Homes, Townhomes or Condominiums your dreams and goals are accomplished.

We Are Proven

When it comes to investing in or selling Chantilly real estate, credibility is the first thing that is looked for in a real estate agent. We are a company that has been around for a decade now and we understand the Northern Virginia Real Estate market better than anyone. The Washington Post said Rick Saunders, our Associate Broker, is the most knowable agent in the country. We proudly claim that we have a long list of clients which gladly come from all walks of life. Our research and analysis are impressively precise, too.

We make sure that you are well-informed. That every real estate decision made by you is because of that knowledge basis we provide for you. Our market awareness and real estate industry expertise consultation will further assure your understanding and confidence of receiving the best value for your time and investment. We offer you access to every Chantilly home for sale. This is exactly why you should you work with us. We want you, too, to be among the throng of people that for almost 40 years have used the real estate services of Rick Saunders and were extremely satisfied with the results.

How We Work

Another outstanding feature is our company website. This powerful real estate searching tool allows you to choose what exactly you desire, at the touch of a button. For example, the best Chantilly luxury property or best Chantilly new home for sale are instantly available to you in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. Our website allows you to see every home that is For Sale in the entire Northern Virginia area. We provide our expert real estate services in all the categories for Chantilly real estate for sale, such as:

We will inform and educate you every step of the way about everything you need relating to buying, selling and investing in Chantilly, VA real estate. We have provided a map on our website of all the areas in Northern Virginia that we cover. With just a click of a button in the area, you desire our website will instantly provide you the list of properties and categories and every real estate option that are For Sale in that area. We will assist you in making the right choice that suits all your requirements. We will also educate you fully on complicated transactions like foreclosures and short sales and show how they can and have impacted the real estate market you are considering.

Services We Offer

We have access to all Chantilly condominiums and all Chantilly homes for sales mentioned on our website where we have a lot of Chantilly condos for sale.  You can quickly search all new Chantilly condos for sale.  Call us to help you thoroughly evaluate every Chantilly condo for sale and just maybe a new Chantilly condo for sale is the answer to your new home search.

When there is a beautiful tract of land for sale in Chantilly you can also come straight to us and let us help make it easier for you to buy. Everybody has a dream home in mind, whether on a hill, on the water or in the heart of the city, we will help you buy your dream home at prices that are very reasonable. If you want to acquire land to build a new home all by yourself, we will be there to guide you through every step. If you are in the market for luxury properties, owning a luxury home could be the best idea! You can go through our Chantilly luxury homes section and we can help you buy your dream home without difficulty.

And when you wish to build a new house, that could be a tiresome journey, but we promise you to make it a happy experience for you by helping you find the best land for sale from our list of properties for sale. Call us and we can help you find the best Chantilly, VA property for sale.

Depending on your preference, we have a variety of townhomes for sale. You can browse the web and get to know that we are the best when you are looking for a townhome for sale. Nothing can be compared to a nice townhouse with a terrace and we have many townhouses for sale. You can just call us or search the web and we will show you every option regarding your desired townhouse for sale.

Relocating? Our Relocation Services are World Class!

When relocating to another area there are a lot of factors to consider making your move as stress-free as possible. Working with us we can help to coordinate the sale of your Chantilly Home with the purchase of a new single-family home, townhome or condominium in the area where you are relocating. There are so many benefits Rick Saunders’ expertise brings to you, especially when relocating.

Here are a few, Rick is a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist). The CRS designation is one of the most prestigious residential designations in the country. The CRS designation enables Rick to access every CRS in the Country. Rick is also an SFR (Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource) this is also a NAR (National of Association Realtors) designation and again provides Rick’s clients access to some of the most experienced and sophisticated agents in the country that many National Lenders look to advise them regarding their real estate matters. Rick is an Equator Platinum REO (Real Estate Owned) and Short Sales Specialist. Again, this is another National designation that further provides Rick access to tapping and demonstrates an understanding of complex real estate transactions that assures your much less complex transaction of relocating and settling successfully. Rick is a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert). This designation is part of Alex Charfen’s Institute and is considered the Gold Standard in the Distressed Property market. Agents with this designation are highly trained professionals pertaining to properties that are not easy to close. These distressed properties require more knowledge pertaining to the financial and sometimes physical condition requiring property preservation resolutions. Real Estate Agents that have the CDPE designation are skilled negotiators and problem solvers which can dovetail nicely to also serving a relocation clients’ needs. There are other designations Rick has acquired but the last we will mention is the CIAS (Certified Investor Agent Specialist). Perhaps, there are few transactions in life that are greater than any given real estate transaction. An Owner-Occupied transaction should be your best investment. As you often spend more money acquiring an Owner-Occupied home, when relocating it is especially helpful to have the skills available for our clientele to help them make their finest purchase. CIAS agents know precisely how to make that dream a reality where you are relocating.      

Financing Information

We provide you with the information to help you receive the very finest real estate financing advice. Being recognized as top brokers, you can have a personal meeting with our top broker to make a truly informed decision. Our top property agent will provide you all the real estate financial advice you desire including information to help you accurately evaluate and better understand mortgage calculations. We are top property agents whose sole purpose is to help you thoroughly understand real estate sales and financing. We will also inform you about the financial details involved in any real estate transaction.

We have some of the best property agents whose goal is to accommodate your real estate needs. And after interacting with our best property agent, it is our objective to provide you with the satisfaction of more thoroughly knowing the real estate market and real estate financing, so you can make an informed decision. That is our sincere goal and desire for all our clientele to consistently experience.


We provide all our real estate services at very competitive prices. In most cases, when representing Buyers there is no charge or fee for the Buyer because the Seller has agreed to pay our real estate brokerage in full. To date, no Buyer has ever paid our real estate brokerage for on market residential real estate transactions. Our Associate Broker, Rick Saunders, helped to pioneer Buyer Brokerage Real Estate Representation in Virginia.

Regarding Short Sales, when Selling or Buying there is no charge or fee required from either the Seller or the Buyer because the Lender pays our brokerage fee in full on behalf of our respective client. To date, neither a Buyer or Seller has ever paid us a Brokerage fee pertaining to a Short Sale.

As one of the most knowledgeable top realtors in Northern Virginia, Rick Saunders, our Associate Broker’s, knowledge of the Chantilly, VA real estate market is invaluable to you. We are dedicated to working with the same goal you have for us and that is to provide you the superior knowledge every top Chantilly realtor should offer for their clients. We believe that a realtor is one, who is a true professional that always places his or her client’s interest above their own interest. In that spirit, we will always help you with Buying or Selling your Chantilly dream home purchase or sale.

You can also visit our website to discover all new homes for sale in any respective Northern Virginia city or county. From there, as in any real estate home search, you would be well advised to call us at 703-385-RICK which is (703) 385-7425 to make an appointment. Or, you can click here to: contact us or visit us at www.lordandsaunders.com for details. 


For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-385-7425

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