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Premium Security Solutions In University Park

Security of people’s life and wealth means a lot for everyone. You are always worried about your dear ones and concerned whether they are safe or not.  Also, you are conscious to have your property and assets safe and secure from the attack of gamblers, the burglars, and rivals. We earn our relations and wealth with a lot of hard toil and it is unbearable to have them snatched or destroyed by anyone for any reason. To keep your life and assets safe from any sort of destruction, you always have to bring solid security plans that can ensure the safety of your life and property.

To ensure your home life and family’s safety, you need to rely on the services of security companies. You need to hire licensed security guards and other security plans. There are many companies providing security services in University Park. We are the best security services providing company in University Park.

Who We Are

We are a Dallas-Forth-Worth-Based Law enforcement personal owned company who is presenting outstanding security services that meet all of the security standards that security providing company in the industry bears today. We have been providing high end security services for a decade with integrity, honesty, and devotion. We care for the lives and valuables of the locals as like our own.

We are a private contract Security company that is solely devoted to deter, detect and report any of the criminal activity occurring in Dallas. We have a team of devoted, daring and committed security officers who are chosen after undergoing various physical, mental and psychological tests. We have made them undergo various verification processes to crosscheck their background before bringing them on security board.

We provide a security solution for a broad spectrum of security issues that range from providing VIP protocol, to residential or commercial unit protestation, from mobile roaming to centralized CCTV and Alarm Mentoring security system. As the security required by the customer varies our team of security officers is trained in such that they can cope and encounter with any situation they are derived as per the requirement of the customer's security.

Security Services We Offer

We provide solutions to all of the security concerns. We are working to provide security DFW to business, educational, religious institute and also to the residential complexes.  We also present traffic control plans on special occasion. Our main security services include armed and unnamed guarding and monitoring of public business, religious and social and residential institutes. We specialize in CCTV and alarm monitoring, private investigation, and Mobile and Roving Patrols.

Guarding And Monitoring Services

Are you looking to for a security service company to monitor your home, business place, educational, relational or any private place? We are the best security guard company in the Dallas. We provide licensed armed security guard to monitor your place and life. But if you need an unarmed security guard you can have a trained vigilant unarmed security guard fully trained to cope with any risky situation

We also provide the services of a private bodyguard who can provide full security services to your life. Our security guard works with an aim to protect the life and joy of each of our customers. Our bodyguard demonstrates general and specialized security roles that include:

  • Static guarding
  • Concierge services 
  • Event Security Management
  • Centralized CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Emergency operation
  • First Aid Support
  • VIP Protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Traffic Management
  • Risk Analyses

Our guards are daring enough to endanger their lives in the path of performing their duty fearlessly. Our security guard patrol all around the site to make sure no security threat can be detected

Mobile And Roving Patrol

Where ever there is mobile roving petrol detected, chances of criminal intent are surely eliminated. We present highly trained patrol security officers and guards to monitor and guard your residential and business premises. Our highly trained security guard patrols your area and event in such manner that no chanced of any damage or criminal act can be detected. Our every single patrol security officer is fully equipped with the latest security measures and procedure to ensure 100% security of the site.

Our security team is equipped with latest security system and is familiar with the use of new technological weapons and patrol mobile. We are ready to serve you 24/7.  If you hire our Mobile Patrol security team you will be having benefits of:

  • Professional vehicles with security signature
  • Highly trained patrol officer having tidy driving record
  • Patrol vehicles equipped with lights, two-way radio and security emblem
  • Alarm responsive security officers
  • Executive protection
  • 24/7 security service supervised by professionals

We also offer periodic and timely patrolling help to deter criminal activity in University Park.

Investigation Services

We offer Private investigation services in Dallas. If you want to have someone’s background cross-checked or have any private issue. We can help you investigate the matter privately. We have private security guards and officers who will investigate the things for you leading you to make wise decisions. Our investigation services bear following procedures:

  • Surveillance &Counter Surveillance
  • Identifying Surveillance
  • Background Checking

Our private investigation procedures are designed such that they fully meet your investigation needs.

CCTV Systems Monitoring

We are s Security Company providing high notch security services in Dallas. To help you cope with the emerging security challenges, we present to you the best CCTV monitoring services. There are many CCTV monitoring service providers, but choosing the right service among so many is the question.  We have the experienced technicians who can install CCTV System in your place such that proper coverage and monitoring of the site can be managed to keep the criminal and troublemakers away from the place.

We are the most trusted and reliable security DFW providing company in Dallas. If you hire our services, we assure 100% security of your site. We have been providing premium security solution in Dallas with the best customer support that has led us to win customers loyalty. We provide a wide range of security services at most competitive rate.

If you want to hire security guard for event, our contract security company will help you in this regard. Similarly, if you have a vacant site that needs security, we can provide you a site security guard to monitor your site. If you need to hire personal security guard for your family, we can help you by referring trusted and brave personal security guards who will ensure your security in every manner

We work to provide you security to make your life easy and safe. We offer advanced security systems like CCTV and Alarm security system designed to meet your security need. We are the best because we are ready to serve you 24/7 around the year.

Our business timing is from Monday to Saturday 08 AM TO 05 PM. For requesting a service quote or scheduling an appointment with our security expert, call us at 214 962 0314, or e-mail your query at sam@agilesecurity.us.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

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