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Senior Safe Solutions of PA providing quality customer service

Looking For Dependable and Safe Solutions For Elderly In Greensburg PA

At Senior Safe Solutions of PA, we care about the old community and your loved ones. Our products offer reliable and affordable solutions for the seniors who are living alone and need extra help completing their daily activities. We are an experienced group that has been installing and repairing the elderly care and handicap products for years and have put smiles on thousands of people. Our ultimate goal is to provide the services that can create safety and independence in your life.

We do not use substandard products to maximize the profits. All our products are manufactured by using high-quality raw materials and are durable. The products are produced for Americans by American workers. Our stair lifts are built on the east coast, our walk-in bathtubs, and ramps in the heart of the south. We understand the health issues faced by millions of Americans and design products according to the problems. Our products and their installations are backed by warranties, and this ensures the longevity of the products. Our products are cost-effective and provide real value to the customers. Comparison of our products with the competitor’s products will reveal that we offer cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Offering Reliable Services for Your Safety And Ease

We offer multiple solutions for the senior citizens. All our products are made with precision and bring ease in your life.


Do the stairs scare you? Have you stopped living upstairs? Our stairlift installation will allow you to reclaim your life. Reclaim your independence you can quickly move into the house. Our patent stairlift design provides comfort and reliability and is also space saving. Our stairlift uses a unique drive system that also saves a lot of energy bills. We have manufactured the stairlift by keeping different elderly problems in mind. So, do not worry when you have to move in your multi-level house. Our product incorporates modern technology and is superior to most of the stairlifts in the market.

Our patent “worm gear” transmission ensures a fewer number of repairs. Do not buy the cheap stairlifts as you will have to get it repaired more often. Some features of our stairlift installation are listed below:

  • Our stairlift is easy to install and is the lightest unit in the market which weighs only 180 lbs.
  • The seat design allows easy entry and exit for seniors.
  • Narrowest chairlift in the market – only 10.5” wide when footrest and seat are folded!
  • The one of a kind helical worm gear provides a smooth ride
  • Can function without the external power for up to 40 trips
  • Height adjustment helps to entertain the seniors of different body types
  • No grease on your carpets or flooring. The unique drive system does not require any messy oils and lubricants!

Wheelchair Ramps

Our wheelchair ramps are a great addition to the home and can help you conveniently access multiple places in the house. If you have steps leading to the house and you are a wheelchair user, then our wheelchair ramps installation services are a life-saver for you. We manufacture safe wheelchair ramps in Greensburg PA and offer multiple options to the users. This space-saving alternative can do wonders for you and provides accessible entrance and exit from the house. Call us today to explore our wheelchair ramps options. Some features of our wheelchair ramps are listed below:

  • Wide ramp for smooth movement with wheelchair
  • Safety bars installed [if applicable]
  • Foldable ramps for space saving
  • Designed for the Northern winters. Snow can melt through the slope offering little maintenance.

Shower Conversion

We provide expert shower conversion services to the seniors in Greensburg PA. These shower conversions will increase the usability and provide ease to the disabled people as well. Our showers are equipped with handrails and anti-slip mats. We have designed these products after years of dedication and research. Our walk-in bathtubs are affordable, and the prices start at $9,999.00. Some essential features of our walk-in showers are listed below:

  • Fiberglass coating for increased strength
  • Shower door friendly
  • Seat and easy grab bars for additional support

EZ breathe/Wave Ventilation

Forget humidifiers the mold makers. Let us help you breath fresh air in your house. EZ breathe/Wave Ventilation provides safe moisture control solutions for your basement and other levels of the house. Call us today to get a detailed quote of the EZ breathes/Wave Ventilation. EZ breathe/Wave ventilation helps to clean the allergens as well as remove moisture from the air. All with no buckets of water to empty. More information on EZ breathe/Wave Vindication can be found on our website. You will get multiple benefits by installing EZ breathe/Wave Ventilation in your home.

  • It helps with allergies
  • Cleans the air and prevent mold growth by moisture control
  • Eliminate foul smell from the house
  • Operates for pennies a day
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • An affordable alternative to standard dehumidifiers

See What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say About Us

We have serviced thousands of clients in Greensburg PA and its surrounding areas. We are proud of the services provided by us. We offer products and services to ensure ease in the life of old age people. Our products are geared to provide independence, even at this stage of life. Here is what our satisfied customers have to say regarding our services.

"I just want to thank you for the great job you did on installing my new safety tub. I have been a great addition to my care. I have dealt with a lot of companies due to my disability and none have come close to the level of excellence of your company. You were organized, efficient, and extremely competent. In closing, I would just like to say again, THANK YOU for a great job." Bradley, Pittsburgh

"I want to thank George and Jim for removing 2 chair lifts which were no longer needed in a family member's home. They arrived at the promised time and did a great job, hauling away all the parts when done. Very dependable service. Would definitely recommend Senior Safe Solutions to possible future customers." Alice, Plum

We have dedicated customer support staff that caters all your queries regarding our services and products. The customer support staff will also help you to schedule the appointment. Our representative will arrive at the place and provide detailed quote regarding the services. Our primary concern is your safety, and we will not low ball you with foolish prices and offers. So, forget the falsely advertised products and let us help you live a life full of joy and happiness. Contact us today and get information regarding our services.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 724-205-9105

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