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Affordable Junk Removal & Demolition providing quality customer service

Get Rid Of Your Junk With Affordable Junk Removal & Demolition

Affordable Junk Removal & Demolition was established in 1982 and has been providing the residents of Lynnwood WA with its exceptional junk removal services. We have trained staff that works hard to ensure optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

We are a family-owned company that understands its customers’ needs and strives to meet them in an effective and efficient manner. Contact us now and learn for yourself why we stand out from our competition in Lynnwood WA!

Services That We Offer

We offer the residents of Lynnwood WA a variety of services;

Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Let’s be honest; we all have junk lying around in our homes. Some have placed it in the basement while others have the attic filled with it. An old TV maybe or something that we kept because we just ‘might’ need it someday. Some of the stuff remains for years in our homes because we just don’t know what to do with it even if we lifted it out of the house somehow.

We offer the following junk removal services;

  • Garage, Attic, Basement Cleanouts
  • Household Items And Appliances
  • Yard Waste
  • C&D Materials
  • Building Materials
  • Eviction/Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Commercial Hauling
  • E-recycling
  • Donation Items
  • And more...

Contact us now and find out how we can remove the junk from your homes in Lynnwood WA. Our junk removal services and hauling service are quite famous because of their exceptional level of quality. We will take your junk away in our hauling truck and dispose of it in a proper manner. It is what our trained staff does on a daily basis and is quite proficient at! Contact us now and book yourself our amazing junk removal services!

We Specialize In All Sorts Of Junk Removal Services

Thanks to our years of experience when it comes to junk removal, we are capable of removing furniture, hot tubs, fences, and sheds. We can also help you with the removal of carpet, scrap metal, appliances and office clutter. We also clear out storage rooms and swing sets among many other items!

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Our junk removal services observe this motto and make sure that items that can be donated get donated to the right people! With our junk removal services, you’ll be making a difference in somebody’s life; now that’s a feeling worth experiencing!

Our junk removal services will enable you to claim back space in your home/office. It is time to make a stand and fight for what’s yours and we shall assist you in this battle! Our staff comes equipped with a positive attitude and will get to work right away. We go the extra mile when it comes to our customers and ensure that everything is done in the best possible manner. We will help you clear up space in your home/office in an eco-friendly way; we advocate recycling and donation to ensure that landfills are impacted as minimally as possible.

Demolition Services:

Looking for demolition services? We’re the best demolition service provider here in Lynnwood WA. Our services include the following;

  • Chimney Demolition
  • Mobile Home Demolition
  • Deck And Fence Demolition
  • Concrete Patio Demolition
  • Garage And Shed Demolition
  • Interior Demolition (Remodel)
  • Building/Structure Demolition
  • Hot Tub Demolition
  • And more!

Need help with removal or demolishing of something that’s not listed? Call us and we’d be happy to accommodate you!

Luxury Toy Removal:

We also offer luxury toy removal services to our customers in Lynnwood WA. Check out the following services we provide;

  • Hot Tubs And Spas
  • Boats And Yachts
  • RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers
  • Trains
  • Planes And Jets
  • And more...

Apart from junk removal services we also offer pressure washing, fleet washing, and graffiti removal. We are also proficient when it comes to moving and relocation services, packing services and local and long distance moving services. We also offer the following services;

  • Automotive, boat, RV detailing
  • Property cleanup
  • Residential and commercial cleaning services available
  • Storefront Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Pest control
  • Property management
  • Office interiors/furniture installation
  • And more...
Benefits of Hiring Us

Experienced Staff

We are providing our unparalleled services in Lynnwood WA since 1982. We are a family-owned business that has grown during these years. Our staff is well trained and experienced when it comes to junk removal services and other services that we offer. We are considered to be one of the best junk removal demolition service providers in the area.

Quality Service

We provide our customers with a variety of quality residential and commercial services. We perform our job with a professional behavior and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

Customer Service

We are known for our amazing customer service. For us, our customers are the top-most priority. With our customer’s satisfaction always at the core of our work ethics, we are able to ensure that our customer service is always the best possible customer service you can get. Each job we complete is followed by ‘what else can we do for you?’.

Cost Effective Solutions

We value the fact that most people are already on a tight budget. Therefore, we ensure that our customers are provided with cost-effective and reliable solutions when it comes to junk removal demolition. Thanks to the fact that our company is family-owned, we have a low overhead which enables us to reward our clients and provide them with regular discounts.

Always Learning & Improving

We are a core believer in always improving. It is our belief that there’s always a room for improvement in everything that we do. Therefore, every person in our company is encouraged to improve, individually and collectively. The end result is a service that is optimal and always improving!

When it comes to junk removal, you need service providers that are professional, trained, customer friendly and environmentally conscious. These factors are exactly what defines us and our junk removal services. We have been operating in Lynnwood WA for over 35 years and are well-versed in all aspects of the job. We are loved by our customers because of our exceptional services that come coupled with great customer service. Contact us now and find out how we can help you with your junk removal, demolition, and other needs.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

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