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Say Goodbye to Pest Infestation in Pleasanton CA with All N One Pest Eliminators

Pest infestation is a serious issue in Pleasanton CA, one that needs to be addressed promptly and effectively. All N One Pest Eliminators has been providing reliable pest control services in Pleasanton CA since 2011. Over the course of only 7 years, we have managed to become one of the most sought-after pest control services. This achievement didn’t occur overnight and neither has it happened because of luck; there is hard work worth years involved!

We cater to residential and commercial sectors of Pleasanton CA. Irrespective of the kind of pest that has become a nuisance for you, we’ve got your back. We aren’t called All N One Pest Eliminators because it sounds cool (which it does, just saying!) but because we can solve all of your pest problems! You no longer have to deal with different companies for different animals and bugs that are bothering you. Contact us now to get an estimate of our pest control services.

Pest Control Services

What do we mean when we say that we will eliminate all of the pests? Does it imply we’re going to kill everything that is in our sight? No, of course not! Our methods include; to repel, trap or control the pests instead. When you contact us, our staff will assess the situation as part of our pest control services and then will discuss with you about which option will be best-suited to you.

Humane Removal

Don’t worry, we get rid of animals as humanely as possible. We understand the health risks associated with the pest and we get rid of these pests in a timely fashion. Count on our services and keep your home and office clean from different pests. 

Perimeter Spraying

When you’re thinking of long-term solutions, perimeter spraying is effective and efficient. Think of it as you cutting off the supply from outside while tackling the threat inside. This method is best suited for ant, spiders, and beetles.

Maintenance Treatment

We also provide maintenance as part of our quality pest control services. When you carry out regular maintenance, your property remains safe from pest infestation for a longer period of time.


Pleasanton CA has a wide variety of insects that hard to catch. The best way to tackle such insects is by baiting them. We provide them with specific baits tailored for different sorts of pests. The bait is collected by the insects and taken back to the nest where upon consuming it, the insects die.

Inside Treatments

We also offer to spray as means of getting rid of pests.

Attic Clearance

Do you have critters in your attic? They usually hide in the most unexpected places but don’t worry, our pest removal service is proficient in finding them and clearing them out of your attic.

Entry Patching

Rodents get into your home via holes and small cracks. Our team of experts will search around your property to find their entry points and patch them up to prevent any more uninvited guests.


Once the pests are gone, you need to sanitize the area that they had infested. Call us now and take advantage of our affordable pest control services.

Pest Removal Services

We are one of the most affordable pest removal companies in Pleasanton CA. We can deal with a variety of pests that include bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and ants apart from the following;

  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Hornets
  • Beetles
  • Rodents

Our Affordable Rodent Control Services

Rodents not only infest your buildings but also make a mess of gardens, farms, and yards. As part of our pest control services, we also take care of a variety of these rodents such as squirrels, gophers, and moles apart from the following;

  • Rats

Rats are bad in themselves, however, what causes more problem is the fact that they also bring in ticks and fleas to your home/office. Contact us now to acquire our best pest control services and take care of these rats.

  • Mice

They love to nibble and chew, are smaller and easily slip away. Contact us now so that we can bait and trap house mice that are known to come in large numbers. Mice droppings are a great health hazard and one can be exposed to HPS infection if they are exposed to the virus. The mice dropping, saliva, and urine are the carriers for such viruses.

  • Gophers

We can help you get rid of gophers in your residential and commercial property effectively and efficiently. We also help you get rid of gophers from your lawn. Gophers can create air pockets around the roots and damage the plants.

Contact us now to get your home rodent-free!

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Hours of Operation

We are available 8 hours every day except for on Sunday. Our timings are as follows;

  • Monday-Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Sunday: Closed.

Competitively Priced Pest Control Services

Our pest control services are competitively priced. Contact us now for a free quote and let’s help you get rid of the pest infestation that’s bothering you!

Experienced Staff

Our team members have had years of experience providing pest control services in Pleasanton CA. They know what works in which scenario and are successful when it comes to controlling and removing pest infestations. Contact us now to find out more about our services.

Within 24 Hours Inspection

When you contact us for our pest control services, we will either offer you same-day inspection or you’ll receive an inspection within 24 hours.

You should never take a pest infestation in Pleasanton CA lightly. What appears to be a minor issue today may very well become a humongous problem for you in the next couple of months and when it does, it will cost you more to get rid of it. Even with the expensive removal, you would have incurred appreciable damage already. Contact us to inspect your home/office for pest infestations and call us right away if you find any sign of pest infestation on your own. Contact us now so that we can assess, discuss the best possible solution for you and get started on the process!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 800-430-3778

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