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Affordable Cleaning Services providing quality customer service

Affordable Cleaning Services Offers an Amazing Cleaning Service In Greer SC

Affordable Cleaning Services is the premier choice for the residents of Greer SC when they are looking for an exceptional residential cleaning service. We have been serving our customers in Greer SC since 2009 and have become famous thanks to our commitment to excellence and providing a reliable service to our customers!

With tight schedules and so much on your plate; it is no wonder you keep putting off the house cleaning. We understand the struggle and are here to help! You can depend on our residential house cleaning service to take care of your house cleaning while you work. We guarantee that when you come back home, you’d be relieved that you hired us in Greer SC.

Residential Cleaning Service

Our residential cleaning service is famous among our customers because of the fact that it has you at its center! That’s right, our service revolves around your needs. When you contact us for a residential cleaning service, we draft a plan that has been specifically tailored as per your cleaning needs and preferences. We do so by listening to our customers and understanding what they need and welcome feedback so that the plan can be altered and improved. This helps us provide our customers with accurate in-home estimates and a reliable and exceptional residential cleaning service. As part of our residential cleaning service we offer the following services to residents of Greer SC;

Home General Cleaning

Our home general cleaning is basically a part of our residential cleaning service that includes the following;

Maid Service

What’s the best way to maintain your house when you have to balance between work and family? Hiring our residential house cleaning maids! Our maid service, an integral component of our residential cleaning service, is second to none. They employ cleaning techniques that will have your home transformed into a place that is fresh and clean. They pay attention to detail and no spot is missed by them!

Our team of experts cleans your house in a methodological manner thus ensuring that effective house cleaning takes place and customer is satisfied with our work. Our work is of such quality that we are being referred to friends and family members by our clients on a regular basis. Contact us today and learn more about our residential cleaning service.

Laundry Cleaning

Nobody wants to wash dirty laundry, wait for it to dry up and fold it properly. Right? You can rely on our laundry cleaning service to do all of that for you! Simply contact us and book our laundry cleaning service. We will provide you with our amazing laundry service at an affordable price.

Kitchen Cleaning

Our kitchen cleaning is famous in Greer SC because of its attention to detail. Our crew will thoroughly disinfect, clean and bring out the shine on every surface that’s in your kitchen. The staff is expertly trained and employs the best possible techniques and their combination to achieve optimal results. We only rely on green cleaning products of highest possible quality. You can request a house cleaning estimate with us today!

Bathroom Cleaning

Many customers of ours in Greer SC rely on our exceptional bathroom cleaning service. Our staff will make sure that your bathroom is completely disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. As professional cleaners, we take pride in the work we do and guarantee customer satisfaction! Contact us to find out about our particular cleaning techniques and the products that we use.

Grout Cleaning

Those of you who have attempted, know how time-consuming and non-effective grout cleaning can be. That’s true for those who don’t have the necessary expertise, however, we excel at grout cleaning thanks to our trained staff and the top-notch products that we use as part of our residential cleaning service.

Floor Cleaning

Our staff will thoroughly clean and disinfect the floors of your house as part of our house cleaning service.

Move In Cleaning

When you move into a property, chances are that you require an in-depth move in cleaning. We understand the need and are here to take care of it via our exceptional residential cleaning service. Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s shine your new home!

Move Out Cleaning

Are you moving out and want to leave the house sparkling and shining for the newcomers? Rely on our professional residential cleaning service to provide you with an exceptional move out cleaning.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Apart from the fact that we are loved by residents of Greer SC and provide a far superior residential cleaning service? We can work with any schedule that a customer might have because for us your convenience takes the priority. Check out other reasons for hiring us below;

Cleaning Done Right

With our residential cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about calling the cleaning company again and again because the work being performed isn’t up to the mark. We take pride in our work and do it with integrity and honor!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Thanks to our professional cleaners who ensure an exceptional house cleaning! We provide tailored services that will leave your house free of pathogens and germs.

A Step Beyond Reasonable Rates

We believe in providing a service that is affordable to every single resident of Greer SC. Call us and learn more about what we can do for you in your budget.

Safe Green Products

We only make use of non-hazardous green products during our residential cleaning service. For us, the customer’s safety and well-being are crucial!

Customer Reviews

The work quality being delivered by any service provider can be determined quite easily by checking the customer reviews. Check out our reviews on Home Advisor website and see how pleased our customers are with our work.

We work tirelessly to provide an exceptional cleaning service to our customers. Our new team members have to pass our cleaning test prior to entering a customer’s home for a job. This way, we ensure that only professionally trained workers are in the field, providing our customers with a brilliant service. Our staff members are friendly, personable, professional and punctual! Hire us and start coming back to a home that has been thoroughly cleaned by professionals!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-431-2489

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