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Expressive Window Fashions providing quality customer service

Get Expert Window Treatment At Expressive Window Fashions In Treasure Island FL

Expressive Window Fashions has been operating in Treasure Island FL since 1998. Over these several years, we have become the leading expert in Treasure Island FL when it comes to window treatment thanks to our vast experience and the knowledge that we’ve acquired along the way.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are great at effective communication thus ensuring that our customers are able to get through to them easily and understood properly. When you reach out to us for our window treatment service in Treasure Island FL, our representative will thoroughly guide you about different products and services that we offer and how you can benefit from them.

Our Window Treatment Services

We offer a variety of window treatment services including the following;

Window Shades – Window Treatment

Our window shades are essentially window coverings that offer privacy, light control while remaining energy efficient. We offer a variety of shades to our customers including designed and custom-made shades of highest possible quality. Contact us to learn more about our different variety of shades for sale!

Roman Shades

We offer high-quality roman shades to our customers in Treasure Island FL as part of our window treatment service. They are basically traditional fabric window covering that you can use for imparting a soft touch to any room in your property. You can contact us and inquire about looped or flat folds and even ask for modern styles that come with an innovative and sleek look. Our shades are capable of providing you with enhanced insulation between the air outside and your home thus increasing your energy efficiency without making you compromise on style.

Honeycomb Shades

As part of our window treatment service, we also provide our clients with honeycomb shades. Our classic honeycomb shades are comprised of 2 or more layers of pleated fabric that have been used for the creation of a cell similar to a honeycomb and is capable of trapping air thus providing you with one more layer of insulation at the window. When you contact us for honeycomb shades, our representative will help you choose the right color and type according to your requirements.

Roller Shades

Say goodbye to the cheap vinyl shades that are a pain to operate and opt for the roller shades that we offer as part of our window treatment service. They come with a modern look and in various colors and textures. The best part? They are a breeze when it comes to operation. Reach out to us and find out more about them!

Solar Shades

Time to get energy efficient with our window treatment service via our solar shades. They are capable of reducing the glare and heat while safeguarding you against UV rays!

Pleated Shades

The pleated shades offer privacy and texture for your room. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures when you contact us for pleated shades.

Apart from the above-listed window shades, we also offer the following kinds;

  • Silhouette Shades
  • Luminette Shades

Plantation Shutters – Window Treatment

Improve the interior designing of your room with our plantation shutters in Treasure Island FL. We provide the best plantation shutters at economical rates. Call us today and learn more about our amazing plantation shutters.

Motorization – Window Treatment

We provide window coverings automation service as part of our window treatment. Thanks to this motorization, you can integrate window blinds and window shades with home automation programs. We provide a professional and reliable window motorization service to our clients in Treasure Island FL.

With our motorization window blinds service, you can have your blinds and opening and closing at scheduled times whether you’re at home or not. We provide the following services pertinent to motorization;

  • Motorization Blinds
  • Motorization Shades
  • Motorization Curtains
  • Motorization Draperies

Benefits of Motorizing Blinds & Shades

As of right now, motorization is taking the window treatment industry by storm. Check out the following benefits you get when you hire us for window treatment automation;


With our motorization service, you’ll be able to get the perfect solution for those hard to reach window treatments in your home. After automation, large window treatments also become easier to manage and operate.


With our reliable service, you’ll be able to adjust the window treatments without breaking a sweat for optimal lighting and maximum possible energy efficiency.


By reaching out to us for motorization, you get to enjoy privacy or a view whenever you want – all with a good old touch on your smartphone or tablet!


Nowadays, you can integrate our motorization service into home-automation systems and be in better control of your home!

When you contact us for window treatment automation, our window treatment expert will work with you to gain a better understanding of what you need and shall recommend a motorization solution that meets your needs and doesn’t upset your budget either.

Our Customer Reviews

We believe that customer reviews are the best way to gauge the quality of service being provided by any service provider. Check out the following review that a customer left for us;

“Excellent, personalized and professional service.  We stumbled upon this small business because we needed new blinds for our apartment and didn't want to go to a big box store like Home Depot.  We are glad we made this choice.  Bruce reminded us that local businesses often do give the best service.  He came to our apartment, measured our windows, and made sure that we got the style we were looking for.  Delivery was ahead of schedule and the whole project was cheaper than any area competitors.  More than that, he's great company!  We are happy we found him and are happy to recommend his service.” ~ Ann E.

We take pride in our services and actively look for ways to improve our service. We even offer our clients a ‘Shop At Home Service’ that enables our customers to check out latest styles and trends at their home. Whatever size or style of windows you have, we can cater to them effectively and provide you with a high-quality finished product. Feel free to contact us and schedule your in-home consultation free of charge!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 727-479-5116

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