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Looking For A Reliable Residential Inspection Service In Washougal WA?

You can stop looking because Accurate Home Inspections LLC is the most professional and dependable house inspection service you can find in Washougal WA. Instead of searching for ‘house inspector near me’ on the Internet, give our house inspection service a call to get your home inspected by a professional home inspector.

We offer pre purchase home inspection, pre listing home inspection, water quality inspection, and radon inspection under the banner of our house inspection service. Our certified home inspector ensures that everything is being accounted for during the home inspection and delivers a detailed home inspection report.

Our House Inspection Service

We are famous in Washougal WA because of our amazing house inspection service. Whether you’re buying a home or selling one, we can help you via our skilled home inspection. Our house inspection service goes beyond the norms of average and features radon testing and water quality testing as well. You can rely on us for a thorough home inspection at affordable rates.

Pre Purchase Home Inspection

It is imperative that you know the exact condition of the house you’re about to purchase. You should call our house inspection service for a pre purchase home inspection in Washougal WA. Our certified home inspector has ample experience working as a house inspector and can accurately assess the condition of the house you’re interested in buying.

By hiring us for pre purchase home inspection, you can learn all there is to learn about the house in question, use this information to negotiate a lower price and protect yourself from a bad investment. To gain the upper hand when it comes price negotiation, give us a call and let certified home inspector carry out a home inspection.  

Pre Listing Home Inspection

Our house inspection service is not just for the buyers. Sellers can also enjoy a plethora of benefits by hiring our house inspection service in Washougal WA. Thanks to the information that we will provide, you can get timely repairs for any issues that you weren’t aware of. This way you’ll have the competitive edge during the negotiations with buyers and can ask for a higher price.

Our house inspector will perform an exhaustive home inspection for you under the banner of our pre listing home inspection service.

Radon Inspection

Radon is an odorless and cancer-causing gas that can be a hazard to all who are exposed to it. Don’t worry though; we offer a high-quality radon inspection as part of our house inspection service in Washougal WA.

We will conduct radon testing using the latest equipment and ascertain if there’s higher than the safe concentration of radon in the house.

Water Quality Inspection

Are you looking for professional water quality testing in Washougal WA? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer water quality inspection as part of our house inspection service. Under the banner of our water quality inspection service, we will carry out water quality testing and determine if the water is of high quality or not. We also check your wells for water flow and quality.

Whether you choose us for our pre purchase home inspection or pre listing home inspection, rest assured for you will be enjoying the best possible service in Washougal WA.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

You will be availing the following benefits when you hire our house inspection service;

Certified Home Inspector

We are certified and offer the best possible house inspection service up to the industry’s standards. You can rely on our certified home inspector service for dependable results. Thanks to the experience of our home inspector, we can readily find issues that an untrained eye wouldn’t have been able to do so.

Professionally Detailed Home Inspection Report

We provide the clients with an extensive home inspection report that features all findings and observations made during the home inspection. It comes with the important pictures of assessed areas and is easy to understand. If you have any queries pertaining to the home inspection report of ours; we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Customer Care

We have completed over 1,500 home inspections and have strived to maintain the best possible customer satisfaction during each project. We go above and beyond to ensure that the customers are receiving a remarkable customer experience. We will explain each observation to you, highlighting how it can affect your house.

Affordable Pricing

You need not worry about upsetting your budget because our home inspection costs are fair and reasonable. We offer budget-friendly services that can help you save thousands of dollars in the future.

Customer Reviews

It is reviews like the following that push us to work even harder and surpass the expectations of our clients in Washougal WA;

“Yuhni and Jeff do a great job and are very thorough in their inspections. Very responsive and quick to get the job done. I have used them multiple times and recommend them for their great service and ability to explain the history of what is going on with the house. They are able to be objective and a good advocate for the home buyer, while still keeping everything in perspective.” ~ Eric Y (Realtor) - Google Review

It is crucial that you hire a professional and certified house inspection service. Accurate Home Inspections LLC has been serving its customers with a professional house inspection service. Whether you need pre purchase home inspection, pre listing home inspection, radon inspection, or water quality inspection; you can count on us for an exhaustive and high-quality service. Call us to learn more about our services and to book our services. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 360-433-7056

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