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Are You Looking For Reliable Water Damage Restoration In Lawrenceville GA?

Your search ends with Restoration Rooter INC. We serve the area of Lawrenceville GA with our excellent water damage restoration service at affordable rates.

We are proficient in water extraction (also known as water removal), water remediation, flood damage repair, flooded basement repair, sewage repair, and wet carpet cleanup. We can also handle mold remediation, mold inspection, mold damage repair, and crawlspace mold removal.

Our Water Damage Restoration Service

We are famous in Lawrenceville GA because of our exhaustive and thorough water damage restoration. When you call our water damage restoration service for your water damage repair, we will assess the situation and get to work right away. Thanks to our experience, we know the best practices of the trade. You can count on our team for an emergency water removal and an efficient residential water damage repair process.

Our team members are professionally trained and understand what is at stake here. Therefore, they will work hard and meticulously to achieve fantastic results. Homeowners are usually in a state of panic after experiencing water damage. Our water damage restoration staff will do whatever it can to help you calm down and get on top of things. You can count on our water damage restoration for your flooded basement repair, mold damage repair, and all sorts of residential water damage repair.

Water Removal

Our water damage restoration service starts with water removal. We will extract water from your property so that it can be assessed for damage. We make use of the latest equipment to complete water extraction in minimal possible time. As soon as the water extraction is complete, we move to phase two.

Water Damage Repair

This phase deals with assessing the damage and then getting to repair. Our professional team members will thoroughly inspect your house and identify items and areas that need fixing. However, before doing that, we will quickly move appliances and other stuff out in the sunlight where it can dry quickly. If it’s possible, we will ensure that proper ventilation is in place to help dry your place quickly.

The water drying is crucial because damp places allow for mold growth. It is the most important thing to do if you have a flooded basement; as soon as you’re done with the water extraction, you should focus on water drying.

Wet Carpet Cleanup

We will remove your carpet as soon as we’re done with the water extraction as part of our water damage restoration. This is done to salvage your carpet and as many items as possible after flooding. The more you delay it, higher the risk of losing your belongings to water damage. We will mop the floor beneath the carpet dry and take the carpet out in the sunlight to dry readily. If sunlight isn’t available, we’ll make use of latest equipment for achieving quick and optimal drying.

Sewage Repair

Many homeowners have called our water damage restoration service after experiencing a sewage issue. You need not worry though; our water damage restoration team is proficient in sewage repair.

Flooded Basement Repair

We are competent when it comes to flooded basement repair. Give our water damage restoration service a call if you’re experiencing a flooded basement and we’ll be with you on an emergency basis to help you out.

Mold Inspection & Mold Damage Repair

The most pressing matter to tackle after experiencing water damage is the formation of mold. Our water damage restoration service actively works to ensure that all damp areas are being attended to thus preventing the mold growth. Once we’ve completed the drying phase of our water damage restoration, our mold damage expert will conduct mold inspection.

During this, we will thoroughly check the flooded area for mold growth. We will compile a mold damage report that will entail all particulars about mold damage. Once we’ve done that, we will move to mold damage repair. We are mold damage pro and can handle all kinds of mold damage.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You should hire our water damage restoration service because of the following reasons;

24/7 Service

We understand that flooding of your property can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 service. You can count on us for emergency water removal in Lawrenceville GA.

Thorough Water Damage Restoration

We offer an exhaustive water damage restoration service to our customers in Lawrenceville GA. Not only do we perform water extraction but can also assess the damage and repair it. You can count on us to help you recover from a water damage incident at a reasonable price.

Affordable Pricing

Speaking of price, we offer budget-friendly services to our customers. We never charge our clients with hidden fees or try to haggle them for extra money. We believe in fair practices and ensure optimum results at affordable rates. 

Skilled Workers

Each member of our team has undergone strict training and strives for maximum possible customer satisfaction. We are famous because of the professionalism and high-quality craft of our team members.

Water damage repair requires professionals who are experienced and have the proper know-how of handling water damage repair. Restoration Rooter INC is comprised of such certified professionals. You can rely on us for your residential water damage repair. We can handle mold remediation, water extraction, emergency water removal, flooded basement repair, and water damage restoration. Call us to hire our services and to learn more about us!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 770-558-3059

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