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Secure Touch Technologies providing quality customer service

Welcome To Secure Touch Technologies In Brooklyn NY!

Secure Touch Technologies has been serving Brooklyn NY with its services since 2011. Our skilled workers can handle a variety of tech-related issues.

We are proficient in security cameras installation. You can count on us for a video intercom installation, video surveillance cameras installation, CCTV installation, DVR installation, and HD DVR installation. We are also adept at IP camera system, and hybrid cameras installation. We can also cater to access control system installation.

Apart from the mentioned above services, we also cater to residential security systems installation, commercial security systems installation, burglar alarm system installation, and a variety of other services in Brooklyn NY.   

Our Diverse Services At Affordable Rates

We have been serving our clientele for years and have the requisite experience to achieve outstanding results. Each member of our team is professionally trained and works with due diligence to ensure a high-quality craft.

Under the banner of our security cameras installation we offer;

  • CCTV Installation
  • IP Camera System
  • Hybrid Cameras Installation & a lot more.

Speaking of our networking services, we provide the following;

  • Networking System Installation
  • Phone Setup
  • Internet Setup
  • Computer Network Setup
  • Network Printer Setup & a lot more.

We only make use of the highest possible quality products for our services. Whether you hire us for security cameras installation or networking services, rest assured, only top-notch products shall be used for installation.

Burglar Alarm System

You can count on us for a reliable burglar alarm system installation. Our technicians are experienced and can help you find the right kind of burglar alarm system depending upon your needs. Our burglar alarm system installation is famous in the area because of the high skill level that we work with during each project.

Intercom System

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could communicate with the person outside your home instead of going to the door? Well, with our intercom system now you can do just that without breaking a sweat. We offer one of the best intercom systems in the town.

Access Control

We also offer our access control services at affordable rates to our customers. You can hire our technicians for a seamless access control system installation and control your various security features from a single point.

Home Theater Services

You can count on our home theater services to set up a home theater for you in minimal time. We can install TV mounting and offer invisible speakers installation and invisible speakers setup. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in your personal home theater thanks to our home theater services.

Security Cameras Installation

You can really step the security of your home up a few notches by opting for professional security cameras installation service of ours in Brooklyn NY. With burglaries on the rise, in residential and commercial sector, it makes sense to invest in your property’s security.

Our team of skilled technicians can deliver stunning results when it comes to security cameras installation. Each member has undergone rigorous training and is well-versed with the latest products and installation techniques.

We offer our customers CCTV system installation along with CCTV camera installation. You can also rely on certified technicians to enjoy a wonderful DVR installation. We can also tackle HD DVR installation. Each service of ours is affordably priced, so you need not worry about upsetting your budget as well.

We are proficient in the following security cameras installation; IP camera system, and hybrid camera installation. You can also rely on our service for an access control system installation.

Give us a call to avail our high-quality video surveillance cameras installation and mitigate the risk of a theft at your place.

Networking Services

Whether you’re looking for networking services for your home or your office, our networking services can provide amazing results. We are considered the experts when it comes to networking system installation in Brooklyn NY.

Each member of our networking services has undergone proper training and is well-versed with the SOPs. The team works with due diligence and can help with internet setup, phone setup, computer network setup, and network printer setup.

Whether you need us to run network cables or carry out a networking system installation, we can deliver outstanding results. Our skilled technicians work systematically under the banner of our networking services.

Whether the project is commercial or residential, they will first inspect the area and then devise a plan for networking. Once the plan is finalized, they will bring the necessary materials and get to work right away. They ensure that the installation is done professionally, neatly, and that the result looks organized. You can say goodbye to exposed network cables and haphazard installation.

To enjoy reliable networking services, reach out to us.

We also cater to residential security systems installation, commercial security systems installation, burglar alarm system, and burglar alarm system installation apart from the following;

  • Invisible Speakers Installation & Invisible Speakers Setup
  • Computer Troubleshooting
  • Home Automation System Installation
  • TV Wall Mounting

Benefits Of Hiring Us

You can avail the following benefits when you hire us;

Top-Notch Products

We only rely on the highest rated products for our services. Whether you need security cameras installation, residential security systems installation, or networking system installation; we will only use the industry’s preferred and best-rated products.

Affordable Rates

Each service of ours is priced affordably. We are focused on delivering high-quality results in a budget-friendly manner. We understand that living in Brooklyn NY isn’t cheap and therefore ensure that our customers enjoy the best possible service at the lowest possible rate.

Skilled Technicians

We have a team of skilled technicians that strives to keep itself updated with the latest trends of technology sector. By doing so, our team is always improving its craft. You can count on them to advise you on the best possible solution whether it’s for your networking needs or security needs.

Customer Reviews

Check out the following review that a happy customer left for us;

“Karim and Ali were amazing to work with. They were able to accommodate a last-minute booking as I was very particular about the day I needed the work done. They showed up on time, were courteous, professional and a real pleasure to work with. They ran Cat6 across our office ceilings and mounted all our access point. The wiring was pristine and barely visible, and the access points were mounted correctly and neatly. I will use Karim and his team for all future wiring and other technology needs and would recommend his service to anyone.” ~ Greg M.

When it comes to your security, you should never take any chances. Always rely on a professional security system installation service for your security systems installations and security cameras installation. Networking is another field that you can’t let non-professionals handle. This is where Secure Touch Technologies comes in with its superior security cameras installation and networking services. We offer networking system installation, network setup, network printer setups, hybrid cameras installation, and access control system installations. Call us to learn more about us and to hire our services!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 718-606-0552

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  • Cameras Installation
  • Security Cameras Installation
  • Access Control Services
  • Home Automation System Installation
  • Networking System Installation
  • Tv Mounting
  • Video Surveillance Cameras Installation
  • Home Theater Services
  • Burglar Alarm System Installation

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