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Concrete Uprising providing quality customer service

Looking for expert concreting services in Cary NC?

Your search for precision concrete leveling in Cary NC and its surrounding areas is over with Concrete Uprising. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are well-versed in all the latest techniques used in concrete repair and leveling. We not only provide precision concrete driveway leveling but include concrete step repair, patio repair, porch leveling, kitchens and baths, garages and sidewalks. Let us provide you a precision concrete repair rather than an expensive concrete replacement.

Concrete Repair Services offered by Concrete Uprising

Concrete Uprising offers high-end concrete leveling and is proud of our 100% customer approval rating. On average 80% of our projects are referrals coming from our happy customers.  We do not believe in large advertising budgets that will increase the cost of your project. We provide affordable concreting solutions and use state-of-the-art tools to complete all the projects in a timely fashion. Our structural sets within a minute and fully cures within the hour. That allows the normal use of your garage or driveway the same day!

We provide seamless residential and commercial concrete leveling services in Cary NC and its surrounding areas. We only use the latest Graco equipment and structural foam designed for those tough North Carolina lifting projects. Our poly injection process is a low-cost alternative to extremely expensive concrete replacement, generally only costing a fraction of the replacement cost. Some concrete repair services offered by us are listed below:

  • Driveway Leveling

We can cater to all your driveway problems. At Concrete Uprising, we lift the section that is settled over time and lessen the risk of future settlement. Replacing a driveway includes demolishing the structure, forming, installing mesh or rebar, repour and then the long wait.  Concrete Uprising is done within hours, that includes patching holes and cleanup. You can drive on it as soon as we leave!

  • Pool Deck Repair

We have viable solutions that can solve all your concrete settlement problems. Concrete settlement near the pools can be dangerous and we provide swift solutions so that you can enjoy time with your friends and family members. The pool area is crowded with people that are without foot protection and are prone to cuts and bruises and this makes our services far more important. Instead of replacing the concrete around the pool, let us refinish the place in a swift manner.

  • Patio Repair

Most often, the soil around your foundation starts to settle. This causes your patio to tilt toward your home. Rainwater will run down your patio toward your home often de-stabilizing your foundation further. Our process allows us to pitch your patio away from your home and could eliminate costly foundation repairs.

Apart from this, we also cater to garage floor leveling projects, poly leveling walkway slabs, interior kitchen and bath leveling without a floor, tile, and cabinet removal.

Benefits of Hiring Us

We are experienced

Our founder is a trainer of poly injection process for Concrete Uprising and other companies. We believe in providing expert services to our clients and hire polished professionals. All our professionals go through a rigorous training process that takes months preparing them for the ultimate test, your home. We value your time and complete all the work by causing minimum hindrance to your daily lives.

We offer complete commercial and industrial services.

We offer complete concrete raising solutions and our professionals plan and execute the project efficiently. We devise plans that ensure the completion of your concrete project on-time and on-budget. Be it a warehouse, factory floor, airport runway or hotel lobbies, our professionals provide expert services while making sure all your needs and requirements are met in a professional manner.     

We provide cost-effective solutions and financing.

Concrete Uprising provides cost-effective solutions and caters to any need that arises. We provide affordable concrete leveling services at a fraction of replacement costs. We understand that repairs often come at an inopportune time. Concrete Uprising offers financing for residential customers. Our basic plan starts at $20/month depending on the size of the project. We also offer 18 months at NO interest. This allows you to make sure you get the best services without putting a burden on your pocket and cracks in your concrete.

Concrete Uprising is the name to trust when you are looking for leveling services in Cary NC and its surrounding areas. We provide diverse concrete lifting solutions to homeowners and businesses. Our concrete leveling solutions are a cost-effective way to stabilize sidewalks, raise concrete slabs and provide structural support for your concrete. We employ experienced customer support professionals that are readily available to answer all your queries. We work in close coordination with the clients to make sure their needs and requirements are met in a proficient manner. Contact us and get a quick quote today!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 919-818-3399

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