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Our Services

Water Extraction

Our water extraction service is famous in Southampton NY because of its speed, thoroughness, and relying on the latest equipment.

Emergency Water Removal

If you’re experiencing a flooded basement situation, give our emergency water removal a call right away to get water extraction process started.

Water Damage Repair

We offer water damage repair at budget-friendly prices. Whether you need flood damage repair or sewage repair, you can count on us.

Island Environmental

Our Diverse Services At Affordable Rates!

We have over two decades of knowledge and experience that enables us to tackle all kinds of mold damage restoration and water damage restoration. Our workers are skilled, licensed, insured, and bonded.

We are the mold damage expert in Southampton NY and can work efficiently to achieve stellar results. Whether you’re suffering from a flooded basement or looking for professionals to take care of your sewage cleanup; we’ve got you covered with our expert services.

We can tackle residential mold damage and commercial mold damage. We also provide residential water damage repair and commercial water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration

The thing about water damage is that the longer you allow the water to stay, the more damage it will cause. This is the most fundamental point to remember during a flood or leakage situation. Our water damage restoration service kicks off with prompt water removal. We also offer emergency water removal services in Southampton NY.

Unless water damage is appropriately handled, you are running the risk of future problems. Water damage can end up damaging your property; short term and long term. Short term damage comes in the form of ruined appliances, drywall damage, carpets going to waste, and electrical systems being compromised. The long-term damage occurs in the form of mold damage, and the structural integrity of the building is compromised.

Instead of attempting water damage repair on your own or calling in amateurs for water damage restoration, always rely on our experts for achieving stellar results. We offer residential water damage repair and commercial water damage restoration.

Once we’ve completed water removal, the team will thoroughly inspect the area for water damage and will get to water damage restoration right away. We try to salvage as much we can and act swiftly to contain the water damage. Our water restoration estimates are thorough, and we ensure that our clients experience the best possible water damage restoration service.

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold can affect your indoor air quality and causes health issues. The problem with mold damage is that it requires experts to identify if your property is being damaged by mold. We offer mold testing in Southampton NY during which our experts will assess your property for mold infestation and mold damage.

Once identified, we will start with mold removal and mold restoration under the banner of our mold remediation services. Our mold removal services are famous in the area because of our attention to detail and superior craft. Thanks to our years of experience, we can handle residential mold damage and commercial mold damage.

You can hire our mold removal services without having to worry about upsetting your budget since we offer our services at affordable rates.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

Whether you hire us for water damage restoration, emergency water removal, or mold damage restoration in Southampton NY, you will avail the following benefits;

Experienced Professionals

We have been in the business for over 25 years and deliver stellar results. Each member of our team has been professionally trained and maintains the highest possible standards of quality in work. Call us and put your worries to rest because we understand what’s at risk and go above and beyond to ensure that damages are contained, and your property is restored to its former glory.

Certified, Insured, Licensed, And Bonded!

Need we say more? Our workers are skilled, insured, licensed and bonded. Time is of the essence and instead of going through lists of water damage restoration services and figuring out which one should you call, get in touch with us and enjoy a professional and licensed water damage restoration service.

Exceptional Customer Care

We understand what property owners are going through when they call us for water damage restoration or mold damage restoration. Each member of our team goes all out to ensure that the customers are provided the best possible service. They will explain different processes to the client in detail and walk them through what’s going on. 

By the time you find out that you’re taking mold damage, it will be too late. Mold formation takes place only in favorable conditions that include damp places. Because of that, mold formation is typical of an incident featuring water damage. Water needs to be removed as quickly as possible after a flood incident. That’s where Island Environment comes in with its expert services. We have over twenty-five years of experience and are proficient in mold damage restoration, emergency water removal, flood damage repair, residential water damage repair, and commercial water damage restoration. We also offer water extraction help, sewage repair, sewage cleanup, and mold removal services. Give us a call to learn more about our services in Southampton NY and to hire us.