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North Coast Asphalt Paving & Roofing providing quality customer service

Need expert roofing and paving services in Akron OH?

Your search for reliable roofing contractors in Akron OH is over with us. We provide seamless roofing and paving services at affordable rates and have the expert team that can cater to all your needs. Whether you are looking for expert roof repair services or looking for a company that can help you with new roof installation, we are here to help. With the help of our commercial roofing contractors, we can perform exceptional commercial roofing repair services. Apart from the roofing services, we can also cater to the asphalt paving projects.

Offering diverse services at affordable rates

We offer cost-effective roofing and paving services. Some services offered by us are listed below:

Roof repair

At north coast asphalt paving and roofing, we specialize in different roofing materials and designs. Our professionals are well-versed when it comes to providing expert roofing services. Whether you are facing issues related to a leaky roof or need to replace shingles on your roof, we are the ones to call. Let us help you protect your investment and increase the life of your roofing system. We plan and execute all the roof repair projects by keeping your needs in mind. No roof repair project is big or small for us. Entrust all your roof repair projects to us and let us maintain and repair your roofing system in Akron OH in an effective manner.

New roof installation

We have been providing effortless new roof installation services to the residents of Akron OH for many years. We understand the climate, zoning and building codes that can cause a headache when you are planning a new roof project. Our professionals will work closely with you to design and execute the roofing project in a timely fashion. Our certified professionals will ensure that you and your family members have the best materials for the safe and comfortable home. All our roof installation projects are completed according to the health and safety standards. If you need roof installation in Akron OH, North Coast Asphalt paving and roofing will ensure that the job is done right.

Asphalt Paving

We specialize in residential asphalt paving, asphalt repair, complete removal and replacement of asphalt driveways and sidewalks. Our professionals are also well-versed in the crack filling, seal coating and crack repairs. We do a thorough evaluation and educate the clients about the possible solutions. We know how to handle diverse paving projects and devise plans that light on the budget. We have been in the industry for decades and take pride in our long list of satisfied clients. Let us provide seamless asphalt paving services and increase the beauty of your property. We also entertain custom paving projects so simply give us the details when you need expert and reliable paving services.

Benefits of Choosing Us

We provide seamless services and cater to your needs in a timely fashion. You will incur the following benefits by procuring our services:

We are experienced

We employ experienced professionals that are accustomed to all the conventional techniques used in the roofing and paving industry. They go through rigorous training sessions that prepare them for the ultimate task.

We provide cost-effective solutions

We provide affordable roofing and paving solutions to the residents of Akron OH. We provide services at cost-effective rates so that you can get the best services without putting a burden on your pocket.

Safe solutions

Safety of our clients is our number one priority. We have the right tools that help us complete the roofing and paving projects in a safe fashion. Our professionals are accustomed to all the safety and industry standards and complete the job by keeping these in mind.  

Reliable and Insured

We provide reliable and insured roofing and paving services. This gives you the peace of mind that the company you are working with is dependable and will provide services in an efficient manner.

North Coast Asphalt Paving and Roofing is your go-to company when you are looking for expert paving and roofing services in Akron OH. We provide effortless solutions by keeping your budget and time requirements in mind. We employ experienced customer support staff that is well-versed in all the linguistics used in the industry. This helps us to clearly understand your thoughts and devise plans that are light on your pocket. Contact us today to get a quick quote and procure the best roofing and paving services in Akron OH. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 216-505-5666

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