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How to Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries and Liability Like Disney, Texas Rangers, and Marriott Hotels.

Discover how you can quickly keep customers and employees safe while not losing revenue for downtime.

Slip Tech is your floor safety anti-slip specialists. Our patented treatment will put a stop to any slip and falls and reduce your liability for fall risks. Plus, give you a discount on your insurance policy. One of the areas we pride ourselves in ease and quickness to prevent floor safety. In fact, after we do an assessment for what treatment is best, you can have your floors treated overnight without having to close your business for the downtime!

For the last several years, we are proud to have the leading provider in anti-floor treatment supporting Disney, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, Texas Rangers, Marriott Hotels, YMCA, and Land O’Lakes. Plus, hold a patent for our anti-slip floor treatment which we use for commercial establishments to small businesses and in-home residences for senior citizens.

Our anti-slip flooring treatment services work on any floor, surface, ramp, and stair, (both indoor and outdoor).  Our certified technician will test the traction levels of your floor or surface. The ADA recommends traction levels of .60 or greater to prevent slips and falls. We use the ASM-825A Slip Meter. Plus, we can also treat your tiles before they are even installed!

We offer a variety of services and can cater to all your needs related to concrete patio floors and bathroom floors in Oakland CA and its surrounding areas including:

  • Residential Anti-Slip Flooring & Non-Slip Garage Floor Coating
  • Anti-Slip Floors Testing & Stone Flooring Services
  • Slip Resistant Flooring & Concrete Flooring Services
  • Floor Sealing & Floor Traction Testing

With us, you can have the slip-proof flooring that you always wanted. Rely on our floor safety specialist for commercial floor maintenance services and residential floor maintaining services.

Your First Choice For Safe Flooring Services In Oakland CA

If you are tired of falling on the slippery kitchen floor, then you have come to the right place.

Residential Flooring Services

The benefit of working with Slip Tech is that we have rich expertise that has seen us serve various organizations across different industries. We ensure that you do not break the law and this helps to safeguard the posterity of your business. You must not allow any slip and fall accident before you make a smart move by connecting with us today.

Commercial Flooring Services

Beyond the benefits of that our solution gives, another major feature is the affordable rate of our services. We have been able to take away the complexities by putting together a powerful package that you will love so you must not delay to contact us right now.

Free Floor Safety Evaluation and Certification

What Sets Us Apart From The Clutter?

You can use any other anti-slip floor treatment company and waste your time and money OR you can do what hundreds of satisfied customers have done by settling for SLIP TECH today. Slip tech provides effortless floor safety solutions. Our floor safety evaluation helps you analyze the current condition of the floor in your home or office. We provide floor maintenance services and you can also contact us when you are looking for floor anti-slip treatment in Oakland CA.

  • Free testing and evaluation of your floor
  • Simple, cost-effective corrections to substandard floors
  • We make your walking surfaces as safe as possible
  • Outdoor Patio Flooring & Industrial Floor Safety
  • Commercial Floor Safety & Residential Floor Safety
  • Floor Anti Slip Treatment & Residential Slip-Resistant Flooring Services

For details, Please feel free to call us at 209-200-4930

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