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Clear Choice Auto Glass and Tint providing quality customer service

Professional Tinting Service

Looking for a professional auto window tinting service? Clear Choice Auto Glass and Tint is the right option for you. Our company offers highly professional tinting services in Ontario CA, giving you the value for your money. We excel in auto tint services and give professional auto window tinting facilities to our customers. We specialize in improving the interiors for your vehicle, giving you an exceptional finish through our tinting service.

We train our workers for focusing on tiniest of the details while giving the best of window tinting service to our customers. Quality finesse is required in the auto tinting projects and we ensure that the customers get the type of quality according to their expectations. Tinting is an art and we ensure to be the Picasso of it. Therefore we train our workers to put maximum effort into every project of car window tinting and give the customers the value for their money.

In addition to the auto window tinting services that we offer, we are specialists in retail store window tinting and residential window tinting as well. We know the need for the customized look of the windows as well as the fragility in their structure. Focusing on such minor details, our experts give the best of their experience in window tinting, giving you a bubble free and compact tint finish. Enhance your storefront looks with our storefront tinting services and you can get an outclass finesse.

Our services are not limited to auto tinting or retail store window tinting. We also excel at residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, motor home window tinting, and boat window tinting projects. We make sure that you get the utmost quality that can make your time and investment with us worthwhile as well as create a long-lasting relationship for future tinting projects as well. We tend to become the most efficient and quality ensured tinting brand, which is why we give our best in every project.

In addition to our services offered, we give a cost-effective estimate for window tint projects to help you with your budget management. Our pricing for window tinting is based on the requirements of the project. However, we ensure to give maximum price relaxation with utmost quality that will make your investment worthwhile.

Quality Finish is What We Deliver

  • Auto Tint
  • Car window tinting
  • Residential and commercial window tinting
  • Retail store window tinting
  • Effective pricing for window tinting

We Deliver Our Words

Auto Tinting:

We have expertise in auto window tinting and offer tinting services for all kinds of autos including cars, RVs etc. We ensure that there are no bubbles, leftover spaces, scratches or other defects left in the tint. We have trained workers whose skills are nourished continuously while using new tinting techniques and methods.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting:

Apart from our auto tinting services, we also offer residential and commercial window tinting services. We ensure quality finish for each window tinting project and want to give an exceptional look to your residential and commercial windows. We offer custom designed tints with different colors available for the choice of the customer.

Retail Store Window Tinting:

Retail store window tinting is another service that we offer to our customers. Our storefront window tinting service allows customization of your retail store windows and helps to change the outlook for your storefronts.

Avail Our Competent Services Today

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  • Affordable pricing for window tinting
  • Professional service
  • Quality finish
  • Value for your time and money

For details, Please feel free to call us at 951-440-0106

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