Fire Sprinkler Installation

What is the first thing that comes to mind if you are asked to extinguish a fire? Of course water but who will arrange water when fire is outrageous and out of control. Our fire sprinkler installation helps in such chaotic times.  These fire sprinklers are interlinked with alarm and smoke detection mechanism and turn on automatically. That’s how our fire sprinkler system assists in controlling fire.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Toxic Gas Detection

Fire at places where toxic gases are used can be more disastrous. Thereby, we are offering our toxic gas detection instruments that help you in finding the location of gas leakage. They can also help out if you need to test the gas concentration. Electrochemical sensors used in toxic gas detectors turn on whenever there is a leak. Thereby, we are striving to keep you safe and sound.

Toxic Gas Detection

Fire Sprinkler Repair

If you have installed a fire security system then keep it well-maintained. Inspect time to time if the alarms and sprinklers are in working condition. If there is slightest issue then hire our fire sprinkler repair services in White Plains NY. If your fire alarm or sprinkler does not work when needed then there is no point in its installation. We offer fire sprinkler repair services all the time.

Fire Sprinkler Repair

Let’s Provide You With Fire Sprinkler Installation Services in White Plains NY and Secure Your Property From Fire Damage

Who We Are?

Couture Consulting LLC is a fire sprinkler installation company operating in White Plains NY. We are at your service 24 hours a day because we know the importance of fire security systems. Robust alarms and opportune sprinkler repair services enable us to provide satisfactory services.

Life Saviors

Our workers not only install fire alarms and toxic gas detection mechanisms but we save lives. Our alarms alert you before it is too late. As soon as the fire starts spreading fire alarms ring and smoke detection devices turn on. You get time to evacuate homes and buildings and save precious lives.

Proficient Fire Sprinkler Installers

Couture Consulting LLC has 36 years of hands-on experience. We have spent days and nights in installing and repairing fire alarms and water sprinklers. Our alarms are a fundamental part of any security system. We need minimum time in spotting and undertaking fire sprinkler issues. There is hardly any problem regarding fire sprinkler installation that is new for us.

Impeccable Security Designs

Our fire alarm indicates before anything tragic happens. We build security designs in a way that you get time to escape from a dangerous zone when a fire spreads. We try to maximize home and building securities against fire by making security mechanism infallible. 

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